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MBombay Mora - Cigar Review Redux

Why, yes. I am aware that Ronda Rousey is now in the WWE fold.
Lettuce now take a (re)looksie at the Mora blend from one of my fav brands, MBombay Tobak.

Combustion and construction each operate on sans opportunity to kvetch. Burns on a straight-line at a very nice pace. No hard/soft spots nor loosening of seams, draw remains a cool temp'd medium tension through-out. Excellent smoke out-put both active and passive satiate/saturate well both palate and porch.

Predominately a sweet and sunny stick which never gets so ooey-gooey as to block out some quite nice complexities. Moderately pungent bits are steered by a steering sour/bitter tandem which builds in nuance as its bitternesses toast calmly along. Sour-half features a nifty salted attachment. A back-bone of natural 'baccy with savory core functions as a grand stage for the players and their supremely balanced routine.

Quite flavorful insofar as array of notes, delivered at a medium height. Body hits a smooth medium-full in a pungent and savory manner. This MBombay Mora gives just the zetz a' strength you need to have as a reminder that you're smoking... no more, no less. Mild-medium there, Gentlepersons.

WRAPPER: Dominican Republic
BINDER: Ecuador
FILLER: Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic

FORMAT: Toro (shaggy foot)
ORIGIN: Costa Rica

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

I reviewed the Mora Lancero HERE.

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