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Macanudo Inspirado Black (Revamp) - Cigar Review

This Macanudo Inspirado Black, a revamp of the original, features an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder laid twixt Nicaraguan guts and Broad-leaf top-leaf over-top. The specimen in my mitt now is of a Robusto format. I imagine it having been rolled in the Dominican a la the other Macanudo entrants since moving from long-ago Jamaica. A revamp, of course, is when one offers a sexual counter-point for a naive other... then does-so again. I believe. I'm not operating on much sleep. Humsoever, I do recall writing: Macanudo Inspirado Goes Black & White - Cigar News, a posting where more back-story on this Macanudo than you can shake a small stick at, can be found.
I didn't sleep well because I crashed on my couch after watching the game then writing Astros Out-duel Damned Yankees: An ALCS Game 1 Retrospective. I somehow wound up on an unfamiliar pillow. Actually, I had made its acquaintance prior, but not under these particular circumstances. It proved harder than my usual go-to. This made my neck stiff. Which made me keep waking up light-headed. I digress.

Pre-light meets all the visual expectations of a Broad-leaf. The top-leaf looks stiffly and thickly rolled 'round over-top. Nigh black a' hue. Seams are somewhat un-even but not egregiously-so. Toothy as a game-show host or news anchor -- I simply cannot tell the difference any longer. Veins, while not prominent, are an "issue" two-fold. Firstly, there's a vein-almost-stem which sits at the cigar's shoulder and pokes my lips if held there 'incorrectly.' Secondly, there's a crimped one in the opening third, but seems to not be any more than an eye-ball impediment there. 

Draw is a firm side of medium, and evenly-so. Pack started dense and continues on as such off light and now three-quarters of an inch in. Burn-line is even and quite-so, given the wrapper material. Burnt-offerings build well from there in a pale-medium grey sheath sorta way. Nicely smoky, leaving a room-or-porch-note of sweet 'baccy.

Flavor-wise, I'm getting an odd lilac talc essence behind soft black pepper whispers. That's right, gentlepersons: we are seeing a whispered primary. Too, there is some subdued mocha meanderings riding forward. Back in the middlings, there's a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread being pulled from a wood oven. That Macanudo fustiness is aboard, here in a less citrusy manner than in other portfolio experiences... and it's malted more-so. The dark chocolate aspect of said mocha mash springs ahead now, at the end of the opening stanza. Too, some dark grains are introduced.

Verily a smooth, almost too smooth, mouth-feel. Light. About the least weightily-gruff Broad-leaf offering I can recall. Although please don't make me attempt a remembrance of what I had for breakfast. Finish is a short-lived grainy tobacco, sweetened by molasses. For its lightness, it is quite well-rounded. To the point of I'd have to call it rich -- in a low-cal manner. 
Rich. I am not a wealthy man. I am an unwealthy man, in fact, whom prefers sweatpants to all other pants. Not only am I tired, but too a bit disappointed this autumn morn. I woke up dizzy and slid into a brand-new pair all soft and warm. Stuck a hand in a corresponding pocket and would ya believe: there's a hole in the bottom of said pocket? Fresh off the Wal-mart rack! One would expect more for $5.96. 

Kvetching aside, I am now at this Macanudo's middle. Paprika hath come in, clearly and roasted. The now growing citrus bits too are roasted warmly. Black pepper, always subdued, hath subdued more. A stiff leather came in whilst I was griping bout my new sweatpants, and since has become more supple. Oily. It makes for a nice mouth-feel and heightening of body; a lengthening of bitter-sweet fusty finish. The room-note is chocolate malt and that fustiness. Hey, the chocolate picks up some malt on the draw, as well. Nice. Over-all, I'd classify this stick as a medium profiled one. To engage in the picking of nits, mild or light strength, medium in both flavors and body. Not overly transitional, but closer to that than linear -- it's just quite calmly done and superbly balanced. Still, I'd prefer one of the whispers to speak up just a tick. I wanna say it's flatter than the first vamp; I have another a' those which I'll test that theory on soon.

The final third exhibits a toasted cedar entrant, of course softly-so. That lilac talc thing is still a thing, and more-so now as to its talc-half. The texture causes some dryness of my palate, but please don't worry, as I shall be fine. I shall soldier on. Chocolate falls back as under-belly of fusty leather churns out a new top-soil which soars to, well, the top. As the band-point approaches, combustion stays cool and construction offers a hair more resistance than prior. Nothing big. Smoke stays cool and cap/shoulder hold firm.
Hey gentlepersons, why not check out Cigars City for their lovely collection of fine Macanudo offerings. I also thank my buds, chums, and pals over there for this kind sampling.

An unfamiliar pillow and a hole in my pocket. Now if that don't have the makings of a country hit. Uh... where's my dog?! Oh, there's my mini-dachshund, Ruby Vondella, with her soul of a wolf. She's apparently stuck in a fleece throw blanket on a living-room chair. I should go.

Macanudo Inspirado Black (Revamp) in Robusto. Final grade: B+.

 "With My Pickle" Kaplowitz Radio: October 11, 2017