Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reviewing A Short Time's Worth of Cigar Reviews

Before we begin, if this post seems to you, dear reader, like some sort of ill-conceived and flimsy excuse to get more eyes on other writings of mine -- rest assured that it, in fact, is.

Another and more altruistic objective herein is to recommend and/or not or un recommend certain stogie offerings I've had the sometime pleasure of reviewing over the past little bit of time.

There will be The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. The whys will be found in the original reviews. Note please that a goodly stogie speaks to the quality of smoke (natch), but too, to an overall feeling it imparted in me. Each cigar, if done properly, is a story. Is an experience. 

And we get hit with a fleuron and then begin...
The Good:
(w/ links to my review)
Casa de Garcia Red. My personal everyday stick. Great value, great stick.
Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Gran Reserva Chateau Candela. This took me to quite different places.

The Bad:
(w/ links to my review)
My Father La Antigued. I am as surprised as you are to see this stick languishing under this heading.
Nat Sherman Metro Explorer. How far the better-than-average have fallen. Breaks my heart.
Rocky Patel Vintage 1999. This is why I have my detractors. That and my greatness is oft off-putting. 

The Ugly:
(w/ links to my review)
Quorum. Ugly can be exciting...and can be visited again and again.
Cuban Rounds Maduro Wrapper. Dirty, too, can be barrel-of-monkey fun.
#59 Factory Throw-Outs. Yet, sometimes ugly is just that.
This month or so saw me overspend my cigar budget just one time. I'm awfully proud of that. This month, too, saw me need to scrounge up change for a cheap stogie or four, and find great soul comfort in that action. I'm awfully proud of that, as well.

I do hope you enjoy reading these reviews as much as I enjoy writing them. Thank you kindly and feel free to share links to this and other posts to all of your social media time wasting sites.