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Friday, May 01, 2020

Espinosa Cigars Awarded One Star | A Kaplowitz Guide Update

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

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One Kaplowitz Media. Star is awarded to Espinosa Cigars.

Old school mixes with the new school under Erik Espinosa's outwardly stern guidance. A wide portfolio spans that gap, then fills it with precisely equal parts each. From traditional packaging to holographic-like imagery. From throwback blends to new twists. One thing is certain, Espinosa has leveraged social media to become quite popular -- w/ no slow-down in sight.

That www popularity extends as well, to the brands made at their La Zona factory in Nicaragua. Drawing in those online fans is an engaging & growing Espinosa family of industry familiar names. Succinctly, Espinosa breaks rules in the manner the good Lord intended -- only after first learning the rules & w/ good friends at their side. They earn another star by more greatly avoiding the fratboy pull of Cigar Dojo hangs.

Try their Murcielago for a weighty well-balanced & long-lasting pop in the mouth. Also, their 601 Blue Label Maduro for a bowl-of-stew-in-your-gut level satiating. Then smoke the Laranja Reserva Escuro for a Death by Chocolate dessert.

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