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Kaplowitz Media Programming Note | Kaplowitz Radio Postponed & Upcoming Hiatus

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

As you Gentlepersons hopefully know by now, my yearly couple-week hiatus is nigh upon us -- and I am quite literally limping to the finish line. (I think I slept on my groin funny or something.) Nevertheless, KAPLOWITZ MEDIA will be hibernating twixt 2/14 & 2/28. What to expect come 3/1? Well, I'll tells ya. But first...

I have a nagging cough which I have decided not to put on audio display today. My apologies for canceling the last two Kaplowitz Radio episodes, but the spectacle of me hacking up lung chunks through a cigar show seems like fodder likely to fall into the wrong hands. I'll be up and running for a B I G Friday show in which, well, I have a LOT of catching up to do.

Please do allow me to s/o Kaplowitz Radio sponsors:

Now. There will be some changes come the month that enters like a lion and exits as a lamb: firstly & perhaps the biggest news is that you maybe might wanna expect #KM to have some guest writers in the form of regular contributors. Fret not, humsoever, as yours truly will see no cutback in postings. We are simply G R O W I N G.

Also, look for Kaplowitz Radio to condense its Monday & Friday episodes into one weekly MEGA show, airing each & every Monday. & finally, Kaplowitz Television will move to Friday & while maintaining its #leastmode LowFi charm, might too get a little prettier. Might. Dunno.

I'll offer up more info re: all that, as it develops. Other regular segments such as Saturday Recapitulations, Sunday Editorials, Cigars of the Month, etc. & et al -- will remain unchanged. Basically, the 'extra' day will be filled by cigar reviews &/or news.

The new schedule will look therefore thusly:

SUNDAY: Cigar Editorial
MONDAY: Kaplowitz Radio
TUESDAY: Cigar Review &/or News
WEDNESDAY: Cigar Review &/or News
THURSDAY: Cigar Review &/or News
FRIDAY: Kaplowitz Television
SATURDAY: Weekly Recapitulation
25th: Cigars of the Month

All the above content will be created by myself. Contributors shall contribute twixt those rain-drops, meaning occasional thrice-daily posts. Consider my "once daily, sometimes twice daily, but never thrice daily" pledge to be officially reneged upon. G R O W I N G, see?

As a note, please do not approach me with unsolicited offers to contribute.


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