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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Names Dave Lafferty New VP of Sales | Cigar News by Kaplowitz

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

News from New Hampshire: Dave Lafferty was named Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Vice President of Sales by Founder and Co-Owner of DTT one Steve Saka. (Effective 3/1/19.) Doesn't "New Hampshire" sound like a village in a Tolkien novel which I can't read more than a couple pages of? Or does the "New" make is more dystopian future-y? I digress.

Here, have another paragraph. Lafferty's journey de tobacco has been: Drew Estate, NE Sales Rep ---> East Coast Regional Sales Manager ---> Director of National Accounts (2007-18). Nat Sherman, Executive Director of their premium cigar division (2018-19).

Those of you keeping even vague score at home can easily surmise that the two fellas go back a dozen years -- to Saka's magical mythical DE run. According to Lafferty: "I started my career working with Steve in 2007 and I am very excited to be back working with him again. ... I believe the future for all of us together is very bright."

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