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Odds & Ends at the Ides: April 2018

Here's the deal-iO this ides up-date:
  1. Stick Men returns to a podcast format
  2. K/M Tote bags for sale
  3. New sponsor: Caldwell Cigars
  4. Cigar Contest: Drew Estate
Them's the bullet-points, lettuce delve...

My Fellow Gentlepersons,

Whilst April showers are bringing us May flowers, K/M is bringing some stuff, too.

Stick Men is once again a podcast and statistically speaking, you Gentlepersons would rather not see our faces. I try to not take such things personally. Fuck you & thanks for listening.

Kaplowitz Media tote bags: buy them & put shit in them. Every purchase supports Kaplowitz Media programming. Shop HERE. "Why not Kaplowitz?"

Oh and welcome aboard NEW K/M SPONSOR Caldwell Cigars. I've long been a vocal fan and am downright giddy over this development.

Finally and speaking of K/M sponsors: enter this Drew Estate contest.

Till the ides next,

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