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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Odds & Ends September 2017: JEWSMOKE, Jokes, Live Audio, & More Fundraising


That's what now, two Kaplowitz Radio goes in a row sans Reader's Digest joke? I got you covered for this coming Sunday's go. Promise.

Be that as it may, all focus belongs in these ides a' Shemptember up-on JEWSMOKE. Only one, count it ONE sleep till the Official Kaplowitz Cigar Festival. Info and RSVP opportunity can each be found HERE. From there:
The inaugural Kaplowitz Cigar Festival.
Project: Kaplowitz and Kaplowitz Radio 2nd anniversary PARTY.
Goyim invited!
Tour my porch/office. Relax in my carport/lounge.
Attractions & Events to include: coin-counting table, Manischewitz!, Klezmer music, WebMD designated computer terminal, MORE TBA!!!
BYOCigar or maybe I can furnish a stogie. Come celebrate the kosher meat of the Shemptember Sammich!
Still, there exists plenty a' time to check out and keep checking back at Shemptember News & Events. We're partying clear up to the 30th!

Expect healthy amm'ts of LIVE AUDIO coverage of JEWSMOKE at the Kaplowitz Radio Facebook page. LIKE AND FOLLOW NOW. You can too expect bits of impromptu listening stuffs there beyond JEWSMOKE, as well.

And finally, as I hath been saying: the spirit of Shemptember is the spirit of giving. Please donate to my GoFundME. Keep me going. Keep me GROWING. Project: Kaplowitz, the blog and the Kaplowitz Radio podcast need yer support to keep on truckin'. If you've enjoyed its first two years, in this its Shemptember Anniversary -- Please toss what shekels ya can into my tip-jar.

Thanks & best,