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Friday, September 8, 2017

Chocolatito Seeks Revenge on Rungvisai

One-time pound-for-pound contender Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez (46-1, 38KO) shall be looking to exact his revenge on Thai southpaw Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, AKA Wisaksil Wangek (42-4-1, 38KO) for the March loss suffered at his hands. He'll also be vying to regain the WBC Super Flyweight strap. Also, he'll perchance require a walker with tennis balls attached to its legs for gliding purposes up-on his ring walk -- if he's again aged the same amount twixt ring appearances as last.
I offered a retrospective of their first fight in a March 21, 2017 write-up aptly named Gonzalez vs Rungvisai: A Boxing Retrospective. You should read that. Really. So much-so that I will reprint it herein (with my own express written consent, natch). For, I feel it could easily work as a review of this Saturday's slated StubHub scrap.

Saturday, March 8, 2017 -- Madison Square Garden, NYC
Mr. Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez (46-1-0-38) fell prey to one Mr. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai A.K.A. Wisaksil Wangek (42-4-1-38) in what was a more costly tune-up even than bringing your Jaguar into the shop. The lighter fellas tend to age quickly as fruit flies... was this, that? There was an inkling thereof. See how Gonzalez's punches took a bit longer to return on their path inward from outward? I doth think they done did, gentlepersons. Too, his feet were set a tick wide. These factoids aided in allowing Runvisai to get in. Oft with his head. Then oft with a pawing mitt. Lettuce take nothing away from the Thai champ, humsoever, as he showed to be very fast and quick to plant feet. He also hath a style that looks to me like a person taking a basketball jump-shot with the incorrect foot forward. He's not pivoting per se, but twisty and showing an abundance of being quite ready to. On the opening stanza knock-down of Gonzalez, his back foot was actually the lead. A righty fighting southpaw, mayhaps? Interesting.

Also, he was a solid and natural weight division atop of Chocolatito -- something which practically no one seems speaking to. Gonzalez did work some very good to excellent angles, and also countered well, but alas, the judges got it right I feel. Rung's point deducted offset by the knock-down, and then up seven rounds to five. Again, on my meaningless scorecard. Included therein was a round twelve where he fully out-paced the former champ. My surprise is that a fight fought a la Rungvisai Saturday seldom gets rewarded by judges. Maybe that's a good thing.

All told, it was a violent fight even by pugilistic standards an 'unintentional' headbutt in the third opened up Gonzalez and his cut-man Mr. Miguel Diaz proved sadly unable to stop the proverbial crimson mask. Perhaps the old adage of judges scoring blood, won out. As two judges scored it 114-112 and the third 113 all, for a split decision crowning of a new WBC 115 pound crown-wearer.

What's next? Rungvisai is open for a rematch. Perhaps at 118 where both men would be closer to their natural weight. Who do I like? I like my doxie, Ruby Vondella. In a re-match, I like Gonzalez -- whom did not at all like his first taste of defeat. I also like him to retire shortly.
Now back to the current writings. Gentlepersons, whenst a rematch can offer no real reason to believe in the chance offering of an alternative ending; the first match's contest sees its end repeated with an oft far greater emphasis. Gonzalez is a fighter. A warrior, even. He goes home on and not with his shield from this 'un. Late round stoppage maybe as late as the championship rounds, is what is ringing in my head. Although, Rung did drop him fresh outta the gate last go. I 'spose an early night is possible. Truthfully, late and early stoppage scenarios for Srisaket are each more likely than is a Gonzalez victory. In my opinion. You can probably tell its my opinion, because I wrote it just there. This is the age of careful disclaimers, gentlepersons. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

Then what of Rungvisai's future and what this means for it? Right place, right time is so much happier a thought than is wrong place, wrong time. Victim blaming: pffft. This right here is uplifting, the story of Rungvisai, a rags to riches and dumpster-diving to steak dinner yarn. Unless, of course, yer Chocolitito.
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