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Friday, August 18, 2017

Shemptember News & Events

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September 1st 10am KAPATHON 2017 four (4) hour Facebook Live Video
September 15th JEW SMOKE, A Kaplowitz Festival
September 30th CIGAR OF THE YEAR Top 10 Announced
That's the meat and bread of the Shemptember sammich, celebrating the second anniversary of this here blog. Fixins' TBA. There will be no shortage of sports and style count-downs and lists. A GoFundMe campaign shall extend from the 1st to 30th, as well. 'Cause daddy needs a new pair a' everything, gentlepersons. Check here for more events and such, as they are thought of.

IN ADDITION: Ya Reddit? Find me there HERE. Gimme some up-votes, gentlepersons. Reddit is an absolute MACHINE for driving traffic 'round the www. Yer efforts are much appreciated. Such a mensch, yous.

Support Kaplowitz: gentlepersons, I am raising funds. My mom needs an operation. Her back is as broken as was Mike Tyson's. Spinal. Not really. I simply need funding to maintain and grow my writing and talking. Also: new shoes. Please donate a few shekels via PayPal HERE.

Another Way: is to simply share posts ya like with yer social media friends. Posts ya don't like? Share those with yer social media enemies. Also, don't forget to tell folks about me when you haul your fleshy tuchus away from the computer and out in-to the "real" world. Be gentlepersons wherest-ever ya may roam. & thank-you!
EDIT 8/21
Whilst the locale of JEW SMOKE (9/15) is yet TBD, other items/attractions are taking shape. 
  • A computer terminal reserved for WebMD hypochondria research
  • A table with pennies and penny rolls for yer counting pleasure
  • Manischewitz shall flow freely
  • Klezmer!

The call remains for corporate sponsors. Contact me.

EDIT 8/23




It might arrive late for this year's Shemptember/Jew Smoke celebrations... but think of it as early for next year's! GEAR UP, gentlepersons. Click HERE to order now!!!  (Not available in orange.)

EDIT 8/24

Having just compiled my Cigars of the Month post for August, this strikes me as a goodly and timely opportunity to delve into the process of my choosing the Cigar of the Year. This is a process which shall unfurl before you, gentlepersons; one step at a time twixt the 26th of September till the 31st. Them steps:

  • All of the monthly bests shall be re-posted into a new post 
  • The best of each month shall be selected
  • Two shall fall awayeth
  • The remaining ten then shall be placed in order


EDIT 8/28
A time hath been set for the September 1 FOUR HOUR Facebook Live video stream. That start-time is 10am Pacific. Again, I will usher in Shemptember and its inherent SPIRIT OF GIVING with a good ol' pledge drive/telethon. Entertaining? Oh, yes. Opportunities to help my blog and podcast grow? Oh, yes.

EDIT 8/30
Please to read: Odds & Ends August 2017: Ringside Report, Flannel Fashion, Shemptember, GoFundMe, & Stickers. Thank-you.

EDIT 8/31
There is now a fully stocked KAPLOWITZ MERCH SHOP.
Too, the Shemptember GOFUNDME drive is alive HERE.

EDIT 9/1
KAPATHON 2017 FULL AUDIO!!! Seeing as the video quality was low on the video live stream, I decided to post the audio-only version be-low:

EDIT 9/5
#JEWSMOKE has a venue... nay... a HOME. Listen be-low, gentlepersons:

EDIT 9/6
Please to RSVP to the JEWSMOKE Facebook event HERE.

EDIT 9/12
If ya cannot make JEWSMOKE in person, stay tuned to the Kaplowitz Radio Facebook page for LIVE STREAMING audio snippets as the festivities unfurl. Like and follow the page NOW.

EDIT 9/26
It's just I've been so busy. Here's a tick a' what ya missed at JEWSMOKE! Till next year!!!

EDIT 9/26