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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Punch Signature Torpedo - Cigar Review

Punch Signature
Torpedo 5 3/4 x 52 Figurado
A somewhat hesitant draw out-of-the-gate; double/triple puffs required. Serves to heat the char a tick much and cause a wobble in need a' re-touch, then a slight runner-threat... all in the opening stanza. Flowering ash. Notes: black pepper and bittersweet chocolate with carob-seed honey lilt. Pumpernickel. Toasted leather-wood-earth under-belly.

Smoke-smoke out-put dials back meow, thus cooling burn and allowing mascara to even lo not perfectly-so. A toasting of profile happens. Bread grows in yeastiness. Leather softens to an oil. Wood hides. Earth becomes nigh compost. Settling and slowing. Queasy like a Sunday morning, as nicotine rises. Ash aerates dryly.

A coffee note enters, finishes in a tick flinty manner. Bit a' scorching on immediate draw gives tongue zetz. Flavors subdue further and sorta huddle to-gether, over-lapping. Draw restricts a bit; purging aids in relieving that and scorching. Line evens further. Slight hibiscus vibe. Pack softens, draw and seams hold.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Corojo
BINDER: Connecticut Habano
FILLER: Nicaraguan, Dominican

ORIGIN: STG Danli, Honduras
SRENGTH: Medium-Full
Cigar Aficionado rated the Punch Signature in Torpedo an 89, stating "At first charry and acidic, the cigar settles down to show an earthy, bready smoke with plenty of woody notes and a touch of nuts. Some charriness persists on the finish."

From the Punch website, aka the horse's mouth: "The cigar features a specially cultivated Ecuadoran Corojo wrapper, grown explicitly for this cigar. The wrapper harkens [sic] back to Punch’s historical use of both Ecuadoran and Corojo tobaccos but evolves the brand by giving consumers a fuller bodied, more flavorful, more complex smoke."

Gentlepersons, ya just can't buy the Punch Signature (Torpedo) at either above and lovely site -- but ya can at Cigars City.