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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Flatbed Panacea Green Label - Cigar Review

6 x 60 Gordo "Wild Thing"
w. Pennsylvania Broadleaf
b. Dominican
f. Dominican and Nicaragua
m. Dominican Republic
GROWN IN THE USA! Low and slow...the only way to ferment a Pennsylvania Broadleaf to taste like ours. If you like a full bodied, strong cigar with an incredible taste, you must try the Wild Thing ... Our newest addition to the hugely popular Pennsylvania Broadleaf line. My favorite email regarding a customers experience was: "This cigar is like smoking a chocolate bar.""

A truly unique cigar with incredible depth and astonishing highs. The flavors continue to unfold through the entire burn. It is fantastic! A triple Ligero (Piloto Cubano, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaragua) wrapped in the most beautiful PA Broadleaf with a twisted cap and unfinished foot. A Cuban seed binder (grown in the Dominican Republic). Grande 660 (6x60)....Wild Thing."

  • Nice, even seams.
  • No hard/soft spots.
  • Smooth draw set at a medium+ tension.
  • Densely oiled shaft.
  • Dark Chocolate Dove bar note braced with a toasted mesquite.
  • Clouds a' smoky-smoke. Chocolate pipe tobacco room-note.
  • Nuances of dark fruit syrup underneath chocolate, atop manure under-belly.
  • A nicely roasted-toasted up-top peppercorn.
  • Second-third additions are sweet, yeasty black bread and cumin/cinnamon spices.
  • Dark, toothy ash doth grow, grow, and groweth.
  • Completely satiating, saturating, and then-some mouth-feel/body.
  • Long legg'd finish of a complex sweetbitterness.
  • French roast coffee enters in after black bread and spices.
  • Excellently paced combustion on an even burn-line.
  • Strength flexes past mid-point, still nicely lesser than flavors/body.
  • For all its heighty-heights, finishes clean with zero tar or charcoal.


  • Slight water-spot blemish on top-leaf at start of second-third.
  • Bit of a lumpy packing.
  • A mild coning of char on occasion.
  • Slight softening of pack density in final stanza.

A Toro Gordo, supremely built and performing. Full-flavored notes of chocololate and black peppere'd mesquite over a manure under-belly, with myriad sweet spicy complexities twixt.