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Cattle Baron Cigars Trail Boss - Cigar Review

Cattle Baron Cigars
Trail Boss 6 x 54 Toro
w. Nicaraguan Habano
b. Dominican
f. Dominican Seco and Nicaraguan Viso
m. De Los Reyes, Dominian Republic
in collaboration with Mr. Phil Zanghi of Debonaire House.
The following is from brand owner Mr. Bryan Mussard via the company site
"When you start out on a trail with a herd of cattle, there's no turning back. There's a unique job to be done and it has to be done right. A good horse, a good stock dog or 2 and some salty cowhands are essential to see the job though. High water, bad weather and uncertain range conditions are just a few challenges the cattle baron endures, prior to delivering these high quality cattle to market. Cattle barons are very particular about the quality of their cattle. Only the highest quality genetics can endure the challenges of the cattle industry and become the finest beef in the world. Cattle Baron Cigars are made with the same bold integrity. Starting with the world's finest tobacco, grown in the rich soils of Santiago and he surrounding regions of the Dominican Republic. These premium cigars are aged to perfection and handmade by the finest cigar family in the business, for the grateful aficionado of life."
k a p l o w I t z
Minimal side a' moderate veins, but a ridged one up toward cap. Tight nigh invisible seams. Nada insofar as hard/soft spots. Not much tooth on a peach fuzz hand-feel. Excellent even tension'd draw off a medium+ tension yielding a plush satiation/saturation of/to smoke-hole.

k a p l o W i t z
Ash builds well if not warmly so, to an easy inch of heather-grey sheath. Burn-line requires a singular opening stanza retouch to pre-emptively guard against a slight canoeing. Burns straight rest a' the way with an occasional self-correcting wobble hiccup. Pace is on the slight quick-side of moderate, but far from egregiously so. Excellent smoke out-put off each end culminating in a sweet room-note of leathery coffee with piquant kicker.

k a p l o W i t z
Sweet leathery coffee with piquant kicker, yes. Leathers oil up and seep downward throughout. Piquant notes of black (on retro-hale) to red peppers with a closing zetz of cayenne at the end of a long-legg'd finish. Mulling spice attachment therein, with a nuanced citrus note which travels from orange rind to ruby red grapefruit. Coffee is a rich French roast with cream and sugar. Middlings consist of a natural tobacco core which borrows from the primaries and adds some inherent hot cocoa-cum-baking chocolate as a sweetly spiced cedar becomes a driving influence. The core also borrows from a sunlit earth under-belly of well aged Dominican... not poorly aged as in Sammy Sosa. Heavy grain influences are seen there. All told, at the end of the day, and in summation: a robustly delivered and well-rounded medium profile. A last point: Himalayan salted orange blossom honey coats my lips.

k a p l o w I t z
Cayenne tongue tingle underneath heavy dollops of creaminess with a complex finish lasting draw-to-draw. Medium-full there, gentlepersons. Flirts with Chewy like a drunk Han Solo till the final stanza wherest they go from Star Wars to Brokeback Mountain -- please to forgive the given context of Cattle Baron. Thank-you.

k a p L o w i t z
Grains always hit me warmly ad nicely in the challah-basket, and the ones in this Cattle Baron are no different. Other than that, the strength is a mild-medium with no swooning in the head or boozy feel to chest. Some light schvitzing is upon my upper lip in the final stanza.

k a p l o w I t z

k a p l o w I t z

k a p l o w I t z

k a p l o w i T z


I reviewed the Cattle Baron blend in its Rothschild vitola the Bull HERE, and again in its Robusto Stockyard HERE. All told, a brand well worth being acquainted with in and of itself. Also, I'll be getting rather well acquainted with its Bull format, as it is set to be the offering for Serie III of my 18 Sabbaths project... which ya can read all about HERE.

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