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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gurkha Heritage - Cigar Review

Gurkha Heritage Kingsman
7 x 54 Perfecto, pig-tail
w. Ecuadorian Habano
b. Nicaraguan
f. Dominican, Nicaraguan, United States

"The Heritage has a Rosado Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Dominican, Pennsylvanian, and Nicaraguan fillers. It is a medium bodied cigar full of robust flavors. It is hand rolled in Nicaragua and comes in a rare 35-count box. This cigar was blended by our blending team at American Caribbean Cigars in Nicaragua, with the input of our in-house blender and National Sales Director, Juan Lopez, and the blessings of Kaizad Hansotia. The flavorful blend has rich coffee and dark chocolate tones with a subtle and well-balanced spice present throughout. “We’re proud to release a fantastic medium to full-bodied blend in the Heritage Cigar. A true aficionado will not be disappointed with the wonderful collaboration of flavors in this cigar,” says KaizadHansotia, President and CEO of Gurkha Cigar Group, Inc." From

1. The Gurkha Heritage displays a construction which holds quite admirably sans soft/hard spots. Draw stays a medium+ tension after smoking through the nipple-tip. Lumpy and toothy hand-feel. At the nub, there is a good deal of softening, but smoke stays tepid. Some crackling of leaf in 3/3.

2. Flavors are a leathery earth and spiced cedar tandem primary. Quite the mineral alkaline influence is there, which becomes a substantial saltiness. A fleeting floral or cherry note bids adieu after 1/3.

3. In the case of transitions vs consistency the Heritage is quite linear and primaries mottle into a singular albeit consistent note. There is a lower-middling grain which toasts well throughout.

4. Combustion-wise burn burns on a slight+ curve tho needs no re-touch. The Gurkha's ash is fairly airy but doth build to a heather-grey then darker inch at times. Lets off a somewhat ashy sweet earth room-note, which is a tick irritating to my eyes.

5. Body is a mottled richness of wood/earth/leathery oils. Slight spices on the tongue. Rather smooth of texture.

6. The Gurkha Heritage displays pepper/spices of black pepper, a small and coarsely ground bit. I feel a mulling spice in a cedar bowl kinda feel insofar as spice.

7. Nuances/complexities here register as nope. Well, nope+ for nuances. 

8. Strength medium but too somewhat unsettling or maybe an unsettled medium is mo' apt.

9. Finish on the Heritage is creamy leather with a somewhat biological and salty attachment. Medium-legg'd finish. I wanna say danker than fusty. Not clean.

10. Balance is achieved in the Gurkha offering in a one dimensional sorta manner. Wait -- that ain't balance, gentlepersons.
Combustion W
Construction W
Flavors O
Body W
Strength L

Complexity A
Nuance P
Transition L
Balance W
Photo: Cigar World.

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