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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Flatbed Cigar Co. Panacea Farmers Blend - Cigar Review

Flatbed Cigar Co.
Farmers Blend
6 x 70 Gordo? Magnum? Gigante?
w. Maduro
b. Cubano
f. Dominican Ligero x 2, Nicaraguan Ligero, Dominican Seco
m. Dominican Republic

"Brand NEW...Farmers Blend. This cigar is a 70 RING GAUGE. That's right, this baby is a 6x70. Our Habano XL blend. If you are fond of our Habano, you'll love this ramped up version. Not overpowering at all...just kicked up a notch from our red label blend. So far they have been on fire! Enjoy my friends, enjoy....

Another thing. I was slow to get behind the 70 ring gauge. I thought it was just too big. However, I brought a 7x60 to the market 3 years ago...and now look at how many 760s are sold. I really did think a 70 was too big, but....I like it. I do smoke this cigar often and really enjoy it. I will say a 52-54 is probably my favorite, but this big gauge is full or smoke and flavor. It's not an everyday size for me....but it sure has become for many. 70's are selling very very well in the market." -- Mr. Paul Bush via the company site:

1. Construction is first and foremost insofar as appearance: rustic. Insofar as performance: an excellent 'nuff smooth open draw to not be troubled by its immense ring gauge. Seams are tight. Rustic: veiny and toothy and un-even complected. Pack density is a medium+ sans hard/soft spots which translates in this size to a truckload a' baccy. There is one particular spot on one particular seam that is a tick frazzled, but gets smoked through with ease. 3/3 and nub soften and dry but draw holds nicely and delivers coolly.

2. Flavors of the Farmers Blend are manly a subdued concoction of creaminess: nougat, loaded coffee, and pale nuts in a paste. Underbelly is a soft leather laid out over earth. Through the nose via retro-hale is a bigger yet still muted look at white pepper with a thin honey dropping to palate. A hardwood note becomes primary at the mid-point transition and toasts nicely throughout the second half. Also therein: nuts un-paste and roast and a toasted cream happens. 3/3 is a creamy thing with now a baking spice addition and overall pale grain attachment.

3. Transitions/consistency of the Panacea smoke are firstly that just-mentioned: "A hardwood note becomes primary at the mid-point transition and toats nicely throughout the second half. Also therein: nuts un-paste nd roast and a toasted cream happens. 3/3 is a creamy thing with now a baking spice addition and overall pale grain attachment." Overall consistency: is nice and even the changes are germane to an attainable and easily enjoyable experience.

4. Combustion-wise, this behemoth Flatbed cigar burns surprisingly even and requires no re-touches or even patient self-correcting restings. Heather grey ash makes a somewhat dry inch a' build easily.

5. Body is a light creamy leathery -medium with zilch tingle.

6. The pepper/spice array of this Panacea offering are muffled together and of a soft white pepper and Americana kitchen spice-rack-cum-mulling spice-cum-bakers thing.

7. Nuances are there, but not deep per se.

8. The Farmer Blend's strength is mild to medium

9. Finish is a short-ish bittersweet affair of blonde coffee and nougat with a sweet hardwood bracing. Ends on a tick of a mineral vibe.

10. Balance is well achieved and even-keeled, but not to the end of being boring, even in a format of its size which takes 82 hours to smoke through. 

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