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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rocky Patel Prohibition Mexican San Andreas - Cigar Review

Rocky Patel
6 1/2 x 52 Toro
w. Mexican San Andres
b./f. Nicaraguan
m. TAVICUSA Esteli, Nicaragua

"The San Andreas version of Prohibition is a rich and flavorful medium to full bodied cigar. A sweet earthy flavor is dominant with undertones of light spice, cedar, clove and a light citrus note. A very complex smoke with a long full finish."

  • Very nice sweet cinnamon-led spice note.
  • Kindly black pepper, even on retro-hale.
  • Leather and oak play well in an earthen core. Greater leather 2/3 on.
  • Ash builds to a sturdy inch, easily.
  • Nuttiness, but shell only, registers as mo' wood.
  • Toasted citrus cleans and delineates profile...
  • ...retains 'nuff marrying of nuances to be nicely complex 'nuff*.
  • A nice mocha transition in 2/3.
  • Burn-line is sans re-touch, tho ne'er quite perfected.
  • Body builds nicely with a cream addition to leather.
  • Top-leaf/binder/filler all burn in sync. Nice slow-moderate pacing.
  • Interesting apple-y potpourri addition to woods in 3/3.
  • Draw open goodly in 3/3***.
  • Stays cool to nub.


  • "Rustic" appearance, tho germane to plot -- loose seams/crimped veins...
  • ... lumpy shaft, gruffly dry or dryly gruff hand-feel.
  • Tight draw even after a couple snips... and toothpicking-out**.
  • Some surprisingly grassy bits.
  • Finish is nice (sweet spiced wood) but trails off a tick hollow.
  • Flavors seem to whisper if not whimper, but are clearly delivered.
  • Wispy+ smoke out-put, all told. Culminates in simple leathery room-note.
  • At just shy a' the 1/2, leather takes over and complexity is lost*.
  • Draw restricts further and a third snip don't do much to ease**.
  • Still fairly mute/muffled in flavor intensity***.

Flavors are a robust yet sinewy medium, mainly I feel, on account a' the too tight draw. Body is a medium which seems to aim for a medium-full. I need another RP Mexican with a draw which don't threaten to suck out the bridgework I need but don't have. Construction is rustic with well affixed cap and seams that tighten when smoked. Veiny. I already mentioned the tight draw. Combustion is nicely paced and burns evenly of wrapper/binder/filler -- somewhat less evenly insofar as line.

Leather and lessening woodsy earth with a sweetly spiced attachment. Complex 'nuff, but also flirts with being linear in spots... if not flat. A couple soft transitions. Quite nicely nuanced by deep notes of leather and earth mingling in their under-bellies. Not verily balanced in a leathery over-load; albeit nuanced with smidgens of stuffs. Succinctly? Bit of a conundrum, this Rocky Patel. I came in not expecting much -- had issues -- want another.

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