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Thursday, March 30, 2017

INCH Natural by E.P. Carrillo - Cigar Review

E.P. Carrillo
INCH Natural
5 x 62 Gordo #62
w. Ecuadorian Sumatra
b. Nicarguan
f. Dominican, Nicaraguan
m. Dominican Republic
re: the INCH by E.P.Carrillo

  1. The INCH's construction features a smooth even draw, but too, some soft spots and top-leaf cracking.
  2. Main flavors of this E.P. Carrillo offering are coconut and cocoa butter meanderings braced with a sweet softwood middling note and sunlit earth under-belly. Medium spectrum insofar as profile.
  3. Transitions, no. Verily a smoothly delivered and consistent niceness.
  4. The combustion sees some flaking and light flowering of loose ash. Nicely paced tho. Zero re-touched off a slight ribbony burn.
  5. Body on this INCH is a medium+ via a mounting & sweet creaminess. 
  6. Pepper/spices present as finely ground and moderately heighted kind white pepper with pale spice attachments led by a soft ginger.
  7. Nuances run deep in this INCH and led to a complex 'nuff offering even sans transitions. Ne'er boring.
  8. Strength is a -medium+, with some schvitzing on the upper-lip catching me by surprise. Zilch swooniness.
  9. Finish is a sweet whispered spiciness of surprisingly -long leggedness. Really delightful, actually.
  10. All told, this E.P. Carrillo offering is quite nicely balanced. Attainable, comforting -- but not laborious nor, superficially straight-forward.

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