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Ashton Symmetry - Cigar Review

Ashton Symmetry
5 x 50 Robusto
w. Ecuadorian Habano
b. Dominican
f. Dominican & Nicaraguan
m. Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, Dominican Republic

This, from Cigar Aficionado, whom deemed the Symmetry to be #8 of their 2015 Top 25:
"The idea behind Symmetry is balance. Specifically balance between blending Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, which could easily clash if not done skillfully, though blending can be as much, if not more, of an art as it is a science. Both creativity and textbook precision integrate quite elegantly here, as notes of nougat, toast, chicory and nuts blossom on the palate and stay interesting down to the robusto’s last puff." 
That last puff perchance coming in the first third last. Read THIS.
Nevertheless, without any further ado, adon't, or amaybe...
k a p l o w I t z
Built in a manner appealing to the eyes. Minimal veins, invisible seams. Excellent eye-ballin' to density of pack at the auburn tobacco'd foot. In the mitt, no hard/soft spots and a smooth yet tick dry hand-feel. Delicate. There is a visible sheen over zilch tooth. No marbling. Nice even draw of medium tension with just a hair-tick a' resistance. Pack doth soften a bit off light -- then refirms quickly and holds.

k a p l o W i t z
Loads of creamy smoky-smoke. I like smoke. Smoke smoke smoke. Burn is imperfect but passably even. Then, in the 2/3, even-stevens. Burnt offerings are tightly stacked and pale dimes. Easily hangs on to an inch and beyond. Top-leaf/binder/fillers all burn in an admirable sync. Moderate pacing.

k a p l O w i t z
White and black pepper front off lighting. Some pale nuttiness and a nougat begun to peak through. Then a rich, albeit white, chocolate. Pepper onset dials back just 'nuff to allow a soft grain to come through... a rolled oat or even oat bran. Blonde roasted joe. Truck loads of cream braced by a cedar note, a nuanced thing with dalliance of coffee and nougat. Well into 1/3 we got us cashews and Cracker Jacks, gentlepersons. Spices are cardamon, mace, and nutmeg. 2/3 shows a heightening peppercorn particularly through the schnoz, and yes CA, chicory. Creamy bits get salted, which sure sounds dirty, don't it? Plain ol' table sugar. Earthen under-belly, sunlit all along, gets some a' them spices and a bit of an acidic lilt. Cinnamon. A bissell dry white vino in that acidic lilt. White chocolate-cum-cocoa butter. Mo' grains 'nuff to be lightly savory. 3/3 is more of the 2/3 and no less of the 1/3. A new yeasty thing and softer nut -- call it a pine nut cookie.

k a p l o W i t z 
Sweet salted creaminess on lips and cheeks. Nice tingle on the tongue. Over-all a verily softly textured buttery offering, this Ashton Symmetry. Finish is long-legged and of a complex sweet spiciness. Excellent moisture-level in smoke-hole.

k a P l o w i t z 
A white wine spritzer at pool-side bit a' giggly head. Nothing in throat nor chest nor challah-basket.

Complexity T
Balance T
Transition I
Nuance T

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