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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Man O' War Side Project 52-C - Cigar Review

Man O' War
Side Project 52-C
5 x 52 Chisel Robusto
w. Ecuadorian Habano Ligero
b./f. Nicaraguan
m. Tabacalera Fernandez, Nicaragua
k a p l o W i t z
I thought only LFD had the chisel. Wrapper is a bit hastily affixed there. Rest of shaft is primo, with invisible seams and nary a vein hinted at. Tray of brownies hue'd with an even complexion deepened by an espresso bean marbling over it's smoothness. Heavyweight sheen over-top a' that. Way down under is a cayenne under-hue. Sheer nit-pickery mayhaps, but the band lays funky against the chisel's slope and makes for a funny hand-feel and awkward eye-balling. I take it off. Betwixt primary band and secondary 'un, roughtly 127% of cigar is under-wraps.

k a p l o W i t z
Cold draw is offered up via a medium+ hair's tick a' tension. A bit less than that whenst lit. The chisel takes a tick getting used to and I feel as though I'm smoking a hard filtered thing a la a Black & Mild. I can do better -- like I am tasting off the very tip of a chef's spoon, a sauce scooped delicately from his/her/its(?) pot. Heated draw is consistent with cold insofar as tension. Fully and evenly satiates smoke-hole... albeit in them sips. Pack density begins and ends as 10 pounds of baccy in a five pound bag. Some slight+ loosening of a seam in 3/3.

k a p l o W i t z
Quite the slow a smoldering burn. Below average and notably-so smoke off of foot. Shaft remains cool as, well, Shaft, through to the nub. Ash is white-to-palest grey on a dried outer sheath with slight flaking. Holds firm to an easy inch of burnt offerings. Burn-line is even with an occasional half-tick of wobble which slowly self-corrects. A re-touch is needed at the mid-point. Binder seems to lag a tick in burn.

k a p l o w i T z
Cold notes are cocoa with caramel/nougat under-belly. Profile under-belly is barnyard. Honey/graham. Leathery red pepper, with subtle sweet spices. French roast coffee. Oy oy oy, gentlepersons. Cold finish is a cocoa honey tandem with dark sweet grain attachment. What a cold smorgasbord, epis! I almost hate to light the thing. Nonetheless, I doth do. How do you confuse a blonde? Paint yerself green and throw forks at her. I'm no blonde, but with this Side Project's strength -- I may be green soonly. And whom's throwing these forks??? Each one a cold note being hurled at me in an avalanche of random. Red pepper. Nougat. Brownie tray. Leather and its oils. Oui, oui French Cafe. Grains. Spices, red. Cedar. Here's a new one: molasses. Another new one: Root beer.

Most of the 1/3 in, spices mount but don't so much delineate from one another. Cedar becomes creamy. Overall, there is a meatiness... a slab of stewed meat falling apart on itself in a crock pot. Red and cayenne peppers rise to further push ahead spices. Darn piquant, gentlepersons. 2/3 is cocoa and java creating a mocha and a tropical fruit addition of... mango? Mango? Piquant components are flying the profile well above the barnyard under-belly. 3/3 is a crusty black bread and new peppercorn note. Separate from the mocha, a zetz of espresso beans. Becomes the most Ligero-est it ever-est weres in a BOLD sweetness. Some sharply charred floral notes -- a sauteed potpourri. Almond. Black cherry. Prunes. Cedar gets some bite. Molasses sky-rockets.

k a p l o w I t z
Heavy leathery oils and cayenne laced tongue-a'tingle. Smooth don't win out, but palate don't ache... overly. My mouth waters like Pavlov's pooch, tho not in an annoying spitty manner. My glands soak it all up like sponges under my manly chiseled jawbone. Molasses and red pepper finish -- l o n g. Ends clean 'nuff with only a scant hint of battery acid. Whilst just a singular letter separates body/flavors from strength, I really felt the body lacking in context of this MoW. Somewhat throaty, hither and tither.

k a p l o w i T z
Oy gevalt. Sits heavy in my challah-basket. Might be the 3/3 prunes, but I feel a "laxative effect" coming on. Head swoons uncomfortably. You looking at me? YA LOOKIN' AT ME? Really, I can't tell. Chest hiccups into throat. Is it hot on more porch or is it just me?

k a p l O w i t z
To ye olde schnozzing, there is a chocolate cake and honey along the shaft, with a leathery cedar black pepper added at the foot. Something of the cold notes triggers the back corners of my tongue to water. Room-note is a somewhat diesel-laced leathery-woodsy bittersweet pipe tobacco.

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