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JNV Habano - Cigar Review

... Quick Review, really.
You'll perchance notice, gentlepersons, the lack of Kaplowitz Reads Kaplowitz this week. My apologies for the technical difficulties which made that a thing. Humsoever, I did smoke a lil something which was lit and slated to be spoken of "on air."

So lettuce "here."

JNV Habano
6 x 54(?) Toro/Toro Gordo Box-press.
w Habano
b./f. Nicaraguan (Puro)
m. Hand-made USA by Mr. Nicholls Jorge, brand owner
These JNV hath been making the social media rounds for a bit a' time now. When I sees a bandwagon -- I jump on. If for no other reason than to point-and-laugh at my fellow passengers. This JNV Habano didn't pan out thatta way.

The way it did pan out... how the chips fell... how the cookie crumbled... how the die was cast... was in the direction of a darn nice stogie. Again, I wonder aloud as to the necessity of a scoring curve for "inexpensive" smokes. Soitenly, this woulda graded well, quite well, on that.

A classical medium profile with a low+ strength. Light doses of soft red spices, sweetly delivered. Table sugar, cocoa butter, cashew. Hay. dirt. Pine wood. Verily an inherently sweet tobacco forward thing with a tick and then more-so of rawness. Smooth, just under-developed. Short and sweet finish; with a citrus attachment occasionally threatening at over-acidic. Clean 'nuff at the end. Room-note of simple sweet baccy with a bit of an alkaline vibe, all told a slighter aroma than the huge cumulus clouds would indicate.

Combustion/construction were of some concern. An open draw sans resistance and a filler which burnt hotter than binder/top-leaf, could easily be a recipe for tunnelling. None a' that happened. There was a good bit of blistering and puckering on a thick burn-line. A few re-touches were needed along the way. Uneven and mostly quick burn pace. A good two bits of pack density softening. Seams did hold, as doth did the draw tension -- humsoever amount of smoke to smoke-hole wobbled about. Smoke heated a few degrees at nub, but my lips remain unburnt. 

Overall, JNV will scratch many an everyday itch. A buncha vitola are offered, as well. Mainly large ring gauges, if that's yer thing -- but I did enjoy a Maduro Lancero I torched not too long-ago. Some Barber-poles, which are always fun. A brand well worth checking out, and an excellent return-on-investment.

Kaplowitz Reads Kaplowitz: back next week.
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