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Illusione Fume D'Amour - Cigar Review

Illusione Fume D'Amour
6 x 56 Capistranos Toro Gordo
w./b./f. Nicaraguan Puro
m. TABSA, Nicaragua


  • Nice sheen on caramel hue.
  • Smoov to the hand-feel.
  • Minimal veins. Excellently crafted cap.
  • White chocolate nutty nougat aroma on cold schnoz.
  • Cold draw is the aroma with pile of wood, dash of white pepper.
  • Upfront w. pepper, caramel nutty wood... shells?
  • White chocolate/nougat driven middlings.
  • Hot draw loosens to kindly medium+ tension*.
  • Marshmallow fluff note? Yes. please.
  • White to milk chocolate, white to black pepper maturationing end 1/3.
  • Nut shells get pale flesh'd innards. Nigh paste in 2/3
  • Sweetly spiced intricate finish, -long leggedly so.
  • French Toast sprinkled w/ powdered sugar & cinnamon [imagery].
  • Medium-grey ladder-rung ash builds to an airy inch, tho shy of easily**.
  • Verily a bakers spice'd creamy mid-point transition; toasts soon-after.
  • Excellent pacing and temperature.
  • Smooth and soft textured smoke to smoke-hole. Pillowy, even.
  • Trace bits'a Himalayan Salt.
  • 3/3 ...
  • Dialed back cream, with vanilla attachment.
  • Milk toast and tater tots.
  • Black pepper revisits 1/3's white.
  • Nub is cool and kind***.


  • Complexion is a tick un-even.
  • Seems are less than tight at pre-light.
  • Bit stiff of a cold pull resistance*.
  • Noticeable softening of pack on lighting. Medium+ density > -medium.
  • Burn-line strays on occasion.
  • Ash sees slight cracking/flaking**.
  • Top-leaf seems to wanna lift up from binder hither and tither.
  • Some cardboard note meanderings.
  • Verily soft nub some disintegration of shoulder***.

A nicety, this Ligero free offering -- after a Ligero-heavy yesterday. Procured *gasp* outta pocket at Cigars on 7th. Lettuce call this a medium profiled offering, gentlepersons. One with a surprising dose a' zetz via strength. Moderate complexities and nuances. I've long both admired Illusione as well as stating Mr. Dion Giolito oft "misses my palate." This is decidedly not the case herein this Smoke of Love, palate: smitten.

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