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Flatbed Panacea Kentucky Fire Cured - Cigar Review

Flatbed Cigar Co.
Panacea Kentucky Fire Cured
5 x 60 Robusto Gordo
w. ?
b. ?
f. ?
"I don't want to give all the leaves unlike all my other blends/disclosures I'm keeping this mix close to the vest." -- Paul Bush, brand owner.
"Chocolate, Molasses, Nutty, Sweet but not very, Campfire...ish, Stout, Malty. You have to try this Fire Cured cigar. The sugars caramelize in the smoking process, but not too sweet. Think dark chocolate (not milk chocolate). Rich, "chuck wagon" coffee notes with plenty of billowing smoke."
k a p l O w i t z
Natty baccy hue'd, evenly so and sans under-hue. Slight oil sheen over-top. Couple water-spots in 1/3 and 3/3. Veins, but nada egregiously -- tho a couple half-a-tick crimped. Tightesque, even 'nuff seams. Rustic: check. Germane: check. Monochromatic mousy-brown foot tobacco Shouulders are well-crafted but cap itself is quite crookedly affixed. Fine grit tooth. Band is quite fitting and simple -- not chincy -- of nice stock.

k a p l o w I t z
No hard/soft spots in a -full pack density outta the gate, wires just a half-tick softer. Draw is a cold medium+ tension which sparks down to a medium and then back to a + whenst at the end of 1/3. Settles there, and satiation twas ne'er effected by wriggling about.  Seams hold, even tighten. Oiling, but no heating up of shaft. Nub delivers cool smoke. 

k a p l o W i t z
Pace is mayhaps a slight toward quick of moderate. Burns straight though sans re-touch, tho not on a razor -- close. Ash has goodly doses of silver tooth flecks on a pale grey canvass with traces of charcoal lines. Them burnt-offerings hold easily to each third, and very well might hold throughout, if that's yer fetish. Zero flaking of dense sheath. Voluminous smoke out-put and smoke-hole satiation. Occasional bissell coning of char, as top-leaf and perchance binder, seem to burn hotter than doth fillers. 

k a p l o W i t z
Cold notes of dark molasses sweetened light grains with a white pepper'd wood attachment. Apple butter. Verily wood -- seasoned oak, mainly. A softer sweet pine thing underneath a' that. Pepper, white & pale soft spices. Coffee spikes mid-1/3 in a Caffe Americano manner. This in turn brings up a walnut/pecan note. Under-belly lays out in a earthen fashion, with a natural bittersweet smoked tobacco accompaniment. Hot cocoa closes out the opening act, as a campfire is lit and delivered on a slightly sweet slight charring of wood array. 2/3 is all about a new Applejack brandy booziness and overall maple syruping of profile, chocolate darkens and nutty woods both toast and soften. Mid-point is a new meatiness which hath me thinking lamb, and that ain't ba-aaa-ad, gentlepersons. Mellowing. Final act is an all-aboard thing, with a soaring Americano lead. Tobacco presents in a natural manner and whenst lent to by other notes, seems to malt 'em up -- coffee, grain, and cocoa particularly. Retro-hale offers a nice dosing of warm white pepper, hits palate in a sweet leathery way.

k a p l O w i t z
Smooth textured, even whenst delivering hard/dry notes of nuts, woods, pepper, grains. Talc-like. Not overly rich, but does add to that as it builds. Touch of sweetness on the finish is actually quite interesting insofar as complex malts. Legs are of a medium+ length, but dainty more-so than muscular. Moisture level in smoke-hole is really quite excellent, damp in a lush not spitty fashion -- clings subtle flavor nuances to tongue. No real tingle. 

k a P l o w i t z
'Nuff, natch. More? A nicely comfy luke-warm zetz in ye olde chestal region. By-passes throat.

k a p l O w i t z
Sweet nutty grains on the cold schnoz along shaft. White pepper and cocoa are added at the foot. Room-note culminates in an inherently sweet natural tobacco-forward delivery. I wanna say I smell malt -- but unsure I ever done that before.

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