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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Flatbed Panacea Corojo - Cigar Review

Flatbed Cigar Co. Panacea
Corojo White Label Hitch-Pin
6 1/2 x 54 (Toro)
w. Corojo
b. Cuban Seed
f. Dominican & Nicaraguan
m. Dominican Republic

"Our new Corojo is here. A leaf born from the seed of the Corojo Farm in Cuba. You can thank Diego Rodriguez for the "Corojo" name...and leaf. It was named after his farm; Santa Ines del Corojo. This blend is being called....."Flatbed's best yet"."
Rich, yet quite delicately corralled into neat-O balanced. Nice non-acidic sour lilt of roasty pith. Salt makes just 'nuff of an appearance to cleanse. Bitter aspect is kindly met by a comfy cup of coffee. Overall, a sweet-driven profile via a wonderful display of creams. A half-tick of bite in the start of final third, quickly abates. Lightly savory via pale grains. Verily a smooth and creamy texture -- made interesting by a pale spice array. Medium flavored, tho robustly so. Medium-full body. Medium strength which features a bit a' heart-flutter in throat at opening third's end -- not unkind. Subtle transitions of notes by way of developing nuances -- not necessarily through a certain point gear shifting.

Robust yet pale spice-rack play intricately yet unattainably in heavy creams. That and a boiled peanut/ cashew paste nutty tandem create the primary. Middlings consist of diner style loaded cup a' Joe (cream and sugar). White chocolate becomes soft milk chocolate at the half. Grapefruit pithiness. Pale grains and soft woods hit in the final third. Retrohale brings up a greater white pepper than which appears on draw, drops to palate in a salted caramel apple manner unto cream. Under-belly is a consistent sweet suede over mildly seasoned stiff leather. Earthen bits lace them nethers. Finish is a sweetbitter thing of creamy caramel and soft white spices, with a slight toasted vegetal addition to the final third. Medium+ length'd legs, ends with a tick of cardboard vibe on rare occasion. Room note is a soft leather with spiced softnesses. Some hardwood notes flow in past the mid-point. Quite pleasant to ye olde schnoz. 

No hard/soft spots on a medium+ pack density through-out off a -firm pre-light examination. Lotsa tobacco, well congregated. Seams begin and end nigh invisibly. Veins are present, tho un-egregiously and daresay, minimally. Draw is an even-keeled medium+ boundary-pushing tension. In the final third, resistance lessens to a lesser medium+. Burn-line is dead even from gate-to-wire, and paced quite well. Ash builds easily through each third, heather-grey and of tight ladder-rungs. At the half, top-leaf becomes a bit fragile, crackles some but stays as a cosmetic problem, only. 

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