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Cigars City unPodcast - Pistoff Kristoff

Gentlepersons, due to technical difficulties in the recording/downloading/uploading process, no recording of Anthony Welsch and myself conversing is currently in existence. This is the culmination (hopefully) of quite a trying day. One which has me gnashing mine teeths and quite frankly being


5.5 x 54 Robusto pig-tail'd cap & closed-foot'd
w. San Andres
b. Indonesian
f. Nicaraguan
What follows is what I recall of the experience. Enjoy.

KAPLOWITZ: *&x^%!!!
ANTHONY WELSCH: Well, Millennials are sensitive.

KAP: Severely lacking in body. (Cigar)
AW: I feel like I'm sucking through a hose. (Cigar)

KAP: Excellent construction.
AW: Yeah. 

KAP: I taste nutshells. 
AW: Yeah.

KAP: The nicotine hurts. Hold me?
AW: ...

KAP: Retro-hale offers a cinnamon raisin note.
AW: Peppery!

KAP: Back to just nutshells; now a smoky addition.
AW: I keep almost tasting tastes.

KAP: I taste other tastes... never mind.
AW: My draw is still tight.

KAP: I keep just wanting someone to tell me I'll be OK.
AW: ...

KAP: My stomach hurts.
AW: Mine too.

KAP: Unsettling. No body, -medium flavor, full strength -- straight nicotine.
AW: I keep almost tasting tastes.

AW: (laughs)

KAP: Smoky addition has become ashy -- like a cigarette.
AW: I've never cigaretted.

KAP: I'm putting it down. (end of 2/3)
AW: I need to go (inaudible) wife.

KAP: www.kaplO W I
AW ...

FINAL (Cigars City Podcast) GRADE
yea meh *NAY*

Tune in next week, when we take the un outta unPodcast, and get back to normal. I appreciate you, gentlepersons, for bearing with me whilst technical difficulties in the recording/downloading/uploading process are bravely over-come via new components and adjustment to slight changes of platform.
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