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Flatbed Panacea Cigar Co. Black Natural - Cigar Review

Flatbed Cigar Co.
Panacea Black Natural
6 x 50 Toro
w. Connecticut
b. Dominican
f. Cuban seed Seco, Ligero, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan

"PANACEA Black was our first label launched in October of 2007. At that time we only offered the Connecticut wrapper (still my favorite). Now, in addition, we have Black in a Brazilian maduro. Cuban seed Seco & Ligero, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan highlights make up the interior. The binder is Dominican. If you like a full body cigar that is mild to medium in strength, try our black label. You'll enjoy a rich, creamy smoke that won't over power, but it will let you know you are smoking something. Have fun..." from
k a p l o W i t z
Band is a black and white piece of non-schlock Americana. Big white star front & center with a touch of gold touches. Nice stock, embossed. Shaft is a Connecticut hue with a complexion of some even greenish/lightly roasted coffee bean marbling. Toofless. Minimal veins. Tight, even seams. Nice sheen for a CT. Well-crafted cap.

k a p l o W i t z
Nifty-keen smooth hand-feel. Draw is a medium+ tension gate-to-wire. Seams hold exceptionally well. There is a short thin crack in the top-leaf in the 2/3, but don't harm anything beyond slight cosmetics; smokes trough sans tsuris. Wrapper gets darn velvety as it cooks. Pack density begins at a -firm sans soft/hard spots, and softens to a medium by the nigh-band, retaining a nice lively spring-back throughout.

k a p l o W i t z
Pace is a quickish side of average, but just by half a tick. Burn-line requires no thought a' re-touch, but is a bit uneven in spots till self-correcting at the top a' 2/3. Line itself is a -medium thickness. Shaft stays cool. Wrapper/binder/fillers burn in sync. Ash is a non-flaky but somewhat crackly sheath of heather-grey. Grows to an inch easily. Smoke out-put is a robust thing of white creamy clouds with occasional bits of eggshell. 

k a p l O w i t z
Cold notes are salted butter, sweet cream, cedar, dirt. Hint of white pepper. Hot notes are an up-front more white pepper than expected with slight pale spice attachment, a wasabi-like vibe. Some oak meets cedar and hits middling with a light grain almost Saltine cracker and boiled peanut thing. Under-belly is dirt sprinkled with lightly roasted ground coffee beans. 2/3 is a mellowing of peppers and spice, a brewing of coffee with cream and sugar. Yeasty, somewhat. Still retains what I'd call a calm kick, particularly on the finish. Medium legs there. Through the schnoz is a white pepper half-zetz and a crusty loaf of homemade white bread. Caramel and kettle-corn is at the mid-point, an orange blossom honey bit, too. The final act is more mellow, still -- but by no means a boring affair. The milder delivery here allows more nuance and depth of notes to be seen. There is a tangy addition of acidity to the dirt underbelly and a bit of cashew flows in. 

k a p l O w i t z
Mashed potato with white pepper tingle mouth-feel. Big bod for a Connie. Finishes cleanly crisp after its medium lengh'd legs pull back they're sweet natural tobacco. Excellent moisture-level in smoke-hole. Nowheres nigh throaty nor chesty, but rich nonetheless.

k a P l o w i t z
Half-buzz, tops. "I'll have a Shirley... No, a virgin... No, a children's... Oh, what the heck? You only live once. Give me a white wine spritzer!" - Ned Flanders, Viva Ned Flanders, Simpsons Season 10 Episode 10.

k a p l o W i t z 
Cold schnoz is a rather odorless barrel of hay and pale nuts. Verily muted. Buttery cedar vibe'd foot. Mild. Room-note is an inherently sweet natural tobacco with a a lemony crispness. Surprising and almost oddly but kindly subtly lingering.

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