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Monday, January 30, 2017

Flatbed Panacea Azul Cameroon - Cigar Review

Flatbed Cigar Co.
Panacea Azul Cameroon
6 x 60 660
w. Cameroon
b. Cuban Seed Dominican
f. Dominican, Nicaraguan, and PA Broadleaf

"A beautiful Cameroon wrapper filled with the finest filler tobacco and bound with a strong Cuban seed binder. This blend has a little bit for every Panacea fan (aka: Flatbeders). Filler is our signature Piloto and Olor ligero, Seco Cubano...however....we also added a touch of Pennsylvania Broadleaf. So, Azul has the Panacea signature notes...but with a twist of Broadleaf." 
k a p l o W i t z
Motor oil sheen over dark chocolate canvas of even 'nuff complexion. Some burnt sienna under-hues rise up more at the minimal veinage. Seams are tight, even, nigh invisible. Dirty blonde, brownette, auburn, and brunette locks are at the foot and trimmed/packed well. Some visible lumps on shaft. Cap is a bit roughly set on somewhat short shoulders, but well 'nuff affixed. Small trace amounts of fine toothiness.

k a p l  o W i t z
A firmly packed 6 x 60 such as this 'un feels a bit like a war club. A slick and lumpy war club. Pack suffers no softening on toasting/lighting. Draw is a consistent medium tension yielding an even-keeled heaping portion to smoke-hole. Seams hold fast till a tick of cosmetic-only loosening at the half-mark. Quickly smokes through, n'er to reappear. At the nub, all is cool, Daddy-O, and let Momma know it's still firm.

k a p l O w i t z
Nice even burn-line, gate-to-wire -- imperfect on a 1/4-tick of wobble, but no re-touch is even thought upon. Ash shows tooth which don't appear near as much on top-leaf. Builds its burnt offerings in a narrow heather-grey spectrum a' marbling with a slight browning amidst their sheath build. Only a single occasion of a singular flake, twice. Nice billows of thick eggshell clouds off draw. Resting smoke is a bit more wispy, natch, and of the same complexion. If not smoked a tick more oft than normal, it doth threaten to peter.

k a p l o W i t z
Cold draw is a mocha latte with a slice of cinnamon raisin bread. Once lit and heated, remains much the same through 1/3, with an addition of black walnuts and overall toastines around a leathery tobacco core. Bittersweet on draw; sweetbitter on lengthening finish with a tangy lilt. During the 2/3, that core is presented in a much more forward manner. Espresso drink-cum-French roast coffee soars. Chocolate ebbs some. More toasty bits lacing the profile with a black pepper addition. Verily a spiced peppery leather retro-hale thru schnozolla. A new and separate oat/barley grain addition arises with a hardwood note. Falling back of fruits and florals. 3/3 is again similar as the rest, with a clearer peek at hickory through the woods. Consistent more-so than lacking in transitions. Nice nuance with less than that complexity, but a passable amount of such. Not boring, tedious, nor laborious -- but a quite nice unpretentious peek at some good leaf.

k a p l O w i tz
Leathery oil sets into my cheeks as early as the cold draw. Don't so much grow from there, instead, staying at a lace-curtain take on medium. Tends to see its finish drop off the table like a Sandy Koufax curve-ball. Slightly dry insofar as moisture-level a' palate. Registers half a tongue-tingle on the tongue-tingleometer.

k a p L o w i t z
Not a head-spinner nor upper-lip schvitzer. A slight harumph in the chest -- a harumph+ zetz in the challah-basket.

k a p L o w i t z
Cold schnozzing gives a fruity floral sweetness along the shaft with the addition of spiced cocoa at the foot; earthern core. One heated into room-note, there's a quite straight forward essence of the draw core -- leathery and natural tobacco. Some seasoned woods.

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