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CAO Consigliere - Cigar Review

CAO Consigliere
6 x 54 Toro "Soldier"
w. Brazilian Mata Fina
b. Honduran
f. Colombian, Dominican, Nicaraguan
m. STG Esteli, Nicaragua

"The CAO Sopranos, a line the company launched in 2005 to coincide with the HBO television show The Sopranos, has not been part of the company’s portfolio in recent years, but now it’s returning under a new name: Consigliere.' Halfwheel
k a p l o W i t z
Feels like it doth look -- stiff leather. Seams are even, but well shy of tight; stiff thick top-leaf rolled up-on itself. Verily veiny. Espresso bean marbling under a thick oily sheen and over a reddish under-bellied dark Maduro. Lumpy shaft. Final third is a tick firmer density than remainder of shaft; say medium+ to firm. Cap is again a thick and stiff material asked to be thin and supple. Very rough-hewn, unrefined visually -- yet tasty lookin' as all get-out, albeit it sans a damp lusciousness. Cracking of top-leaf shall be mentioned in next category, but is a cosmetic thing mainly -- so mentioned herein, as well.

The Consigliere band brings to my mind the CAO CX2's. In that both bring to mind snorting Peruvian Marching Powder off a glass-top black lacquer table in the mid 1990s. The preceding was not a memoir. It also and obviously looks loads like the company's previous Sopranos offering.

k a p L o w i t z
As delicate to the beyond hand-feel mitt as it is robust to the eye. Under the band, in particular, is a bulging crackling of top-leaf. Seams hold. Draw sticks to a medium+ tension'd realm throughout. Delicately dry mitt ain't false advertising, as aforementioned cracking of top-leaf is a thing, indeed. Tho cosmetic only. Pack feels maybe a bit light in hand, especially for how thick the density feels -- tho that zaftik Charmin squeeze may well be on account of wrapper alone.

k a p l O w i t z
A tick of the other-wise dead-even 1/3 burn-line develops a ribbon reminiscent of Ricky Vaugn's 'do. Then spreads out into a curvature. Nothing fercockt, tho. Evens on its lonesome in the 2/3. Big smoky out-put. Both ends and resting as well as active. A lot of smoke -- just not overly dense of room nor smoke-hole. Ash is a medium-grey with brownish lilt complexion, as is the smoke. Tight ladder-rungs and traces of thicker veins. Minimal flaking, and making easily an inch a' build in the first two-thirds; 3/3 tells a drier and more crumbly tale. Pace is even 'nuff and an acceptable rate of speed. Burn is unaffected by tricky top-leaf, as it just smokes through.

k a p l O w i t z
Straight-forward across-the-board, as the prominent draw notes are too, the prominent cold aroma. As sweet cinnamon nuttiness. Hazelnut realm. Toasted/roasted leanings to each note. Chocolate semi-sweet powder middlings sprinkle to compost under-belly. 2/3 Sweet aspects are still cocoa-led but in a waxier fashion. Espresso beans. Cinnamon dies back and spice becomes more a thin feeling than nuanced flavor. Some herbal flakes dash in. Comes out of woodsy midpoint transition of seasoned oak in a scorched manner.

k a p L o w i t z
Profile is lacking a good bit herein insofar as richness and roundness. Waxy wispy dry with a slight more than slight spiced tingle. Dry talcum powder smoothness. Finish is Carla Tortelli, the Cheers barmaid, short and bitter. Moisture-level in ye olde smoke-hole, to be clear, is darn nigh arid. Thin.

k a P l o w i t z
No wooziness and a mere half-tick of swoon. For some reason, I schvitzed under my moustache. Go figure, gentlepersons.

k a P l o w i t z
Sweet cinnamon and nuts along the cold shaft. Verily chocolate-sweetened compost under-belly. Not a lot more to pick up at the unheated foot. Room-note is a crisp and fairly fleeting wood/leather/espresso bean melange.

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