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Saturday, December 31, 2016

La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull - Cigar Review

La Flor Dominicana
Andalusian Bull
6 1/2 x 64 Salomon
w. Ecuadorian Corojo
b./f. Dominican
m. Tabacalera L Flor S.A., Dominican Republic
k a p l o w I t z
It speaketh a tick pretentiously and crudely at once, but hey -- long as ya got the goods, speaketh away. Double banded with the primary buckle over-lapping the secondary. This takes up 'bout half the shaft. Visible top-leaf is top-leaf-colored and somewhat darkly so, with a goldenrod under-belly and reddish tick to the top. Over-top a' the top is a bit of espresso bean marbling. Some closely grouped fine tooth. An oily sheen which glows upon smoking. Nifty format to the eye, the Salomon.

k a p l o w I t z
Seams are tight and even at pre-light and veins are preset -- 'cause it's a leaf, gentlepersons. All are thin, flat, and lined up vertically so don't speak to any burn impediment. Cap is neatly affixed and is thick to the snip. Weighty. Heavy. Lotsa baccy on a firm packing. Softens a quarter of a tick upon lighting, and about a half-inch down from char. Draw is a nice medium+ which loosens to medium as it is a Solomon. I don't mind the on-set, as I like a tick of resistance -- which is why I married a redhead. A bissel loosening of seam as the 3/3 tapers down.

k a p l o W i t z
Takes two matches to catch the thick foot ablaze. Burns all the way down on an even line. 'Nuff. Ash is the smart piggy whom built with brick. Light to heather-grey tight and even ladder-rung formation of said burnt offerings. Verily scant flaking. Cherry grows in a slightly conical manner on occasion. Ash lilts toward a yellowish hue at times. An every-third glimpse into my Dollar Store mirror as I draw shows consistently even burning 'twixt filler/binder/wrapper.

k a p l o w I t z
Saffron. Mustard seed? (Sure for a puff or two.) Mocha. Caramel. Molasses. Cedar. Wild flowers (I can hear them screaming). Creamy hay. Beautiful peek at a natural sweetly soft tobacco. Then leather, then its oils. Nuts -- pecan chestnut walnut. Hot dang, gentlepersons! All this is in the first 3/4". White pepper. Soft woods. Sweetly spiced and nigh remarkably kind retro-hale. Sugar. More cream. There's yer inch. I don't think I'll edit this. It reads excitably. Short sentences. They have that effect. Black cherry soareth in its own juices. The slight pepper slightens and a sweetness mounts at the close of the opening act.

Leather and nuts bound ahead in the 2/3, but not ahead of the over-all foreground of sweet exotic spice... which has mottled just a tick. Lettuce say blended. Herbs, none distinct. I'm just mad about Saffron -- but mainly on the finish. Cumin is a-comin' on the draw at mid-point.  Mo' mocha. Leather gets furtherly sweetened. 

Suddenly at the top a' 3/3, coffee floods the profile. Cream and sugar. Caramel and nougat surge alongside it, and one-another. Black cherry and leather are dialed back, but still play important roles. Nuttiness sharpens kindly with the addition of a finely ground black pepper.

Barely bold. Refined, but roughly. Well trained Andaluasian Bull in China Shoppe. 1/3 starling complex and amazingly delineated nuances. Second half of 2/3 is a lull. Then we're kicked back into gear on another, this time splendid, transition. So yeah, neat-O transitions, gentlepersons -- always sweetly. Balance? Kinda off-kilter, but it works.

k a p l o W i t z
Chewy. Light but thick. Well-rounded. Lip smackingly robust. Clean. I get somewhat the effect sea salt has atop a chocolate chip cookie. Smooth. Dense not dark. No tingle on tongue nor cheek. Excellent moisture level in smoke-hole. 

k a p l O w i t z
Till the final third, the needle on the strength-o-meter barely moves. 3/3 brings a bit a' swoon. No schvitzing, no hair vibrating on head, no zetz to chest nor challah-basket. Classic "I'm smoking a cigar" bodily sensations. The slight strength at on-set helps me focus instead on flavor notes; what's not to like? The strength up-tick in the final act is no distraction, as each cast member hath already received their introduction. 

k a p l o w I t z
Pre-light is a natural light yet deep yeasty hay tobacco with a saffron lilt and what I'd call "exotic" spices. Cedar and nougat come up on more schnozzing of foot. Once lit, a gentleman's study room-note of wood paneling and leather chairs. A slight white pepper note dusts the stately and heavy desk. A sunny natural tobacco note comes brightly through 'twixt the drapes.
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