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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured MUWAT - Cigar Review

Drew Estate
Kentucky Fire Cured MUWAT
5 x 56 Fat Molly Robusto
w./b./f. ? 
m. La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, Nicaragua
There is a pungent cold-nosing of vulcanized rubber-sole leather boots being set afire over seasoned woods. Said fire is then doused by liquid smoke flavoring, which caramelizes in the heat. Interesing! Cold draw is all that and a hard molasses-laced pipe tobacco. Lights eagerly so, and outta the gate there is te typical plume of Drew Estate smoke, read: a lot. First few hot pulls are calmer takes than expected of the cold notes. Smoky, verily. Nay, VERILY. Out-put as well as flavor.

Both pre-light and through lighting, seams are very tight and even. There are veins, and one in the 2/3 is a bit crimped. Rustic dark wood uneven complexion gets a bit less dry once smoked. Lotsa tooth in shaft and burnt offerings. That ash is a medium grey marbling building in ladder-rungs with a slight aeration. Hard-packed pre-light, this MUWAT is a tick softer at the mid 1/3. The burn-line ribbons some in a self-correcting manner. Pace seams somewhat quick-ish.

Off a even medium draw tension, I get -- the notes I've already described. Maybe some espresso beans, too. Nicely smooth textured smoke, which surprises me some. Body is medium-full with a sweeter than ya'd thunk bittersweet finish of -long legs. Baking chocolate, maybe. Woods woods woods. Leather.  Liquid smoke. I detect no further vulcanized rubber on drw, but it's in the room-note. Finish ends less than clean, but that's apparently the plan, Stan... I mean gentlepersons.

I taste smoke.

Some smoky leather. Some smoky wood. Some smoky baccy. Hints of smoky cocoa and espresso bean. Smoky black earth is laying the under-belly, smokily. "Smoke, smoke, smoke. I love smoke." Now that I've paraphrased the fictional character of Ron Burgundy, lettuce quote real peoples so that I don't get lost in the fake news crowd:

From the 4/4/13 press release announcing this project at
“First off, Kentucky Fire Cured is from a stalk-cut tobacco. The initial firing of KFC is done at low heat between 100 F to 115 F degrees and maintained until the color reaches solid brown. Once color is set temperatures increase to 120F- 130F to completely cure down the midrib of the leaf and darken. Once the midrib is dried the temperature will be reduced and the smoke maximized with saw dust to finish the leaf. When KFC hits your olfactory nerve you know it!" Mr. Nicholas Melillo.

Fromst the aforementioned press release:
“Kentucky Fire Cured is not something new to the world of tobacco, as it has been grown for over 200 years. Easily compared to the smokey taste attributed to a peaty scotch, the KFC picks up nuances of the roasted hickory, oak or maple wood that makes you say ‘Damn, that’s tasty,’” Mr. Jonathan Drew.

Okay, I'll give ya hickory and something like maple wood -- but more like its syrup -- and still more like molasses. Whatever I'm tasting, I'm fairly certain I'll be tasting it till 2017. Room-note is scorched composted earth and shade trees. Some black smoky black pepper is on the draw and finish now, tingles at the tip a' the tongue. All nods toward and note to construction/combustion doth hold.

Lil bit throaty here. Have I mentioned strength? Even for a lightweight like me, even pre-lunch and well post breakfast -- not a lotta it. Say a -medium. Just 'nuff to know yer smoking a cigar and not standing over a nearly contained campfire. Which really is just a small wildfire. I guess. During my Northwest Indiana days, I'd rake leaves and sticks into an autumn pile and drop a match. I'm guessing the flannel shirt I'm wearing now will smell akin to the flannel shirts I wore then, after smoking this. Maybe with a tick more tire fire. Top-leaf burns slower now as the band loometh nigh.

If the same smoky addition to every note can be seen as nuance, soitenly this is nuanced. Complex? No. If the same smoky addition to every note can be seen as balance, soitenly this is balanced. Truth be told, I don't get a lot of "cigar" from this medium-full Drew Estate cigar. At the band, shaft gets too hot to hold.

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