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Monday, November 14, 2016

Protocol Lancero - Cigar Review

In Trump's America, Nonito Donaire can't over-come his own slow start; dropping the WBO super bantamweight crown to a grinding Jessie Magdaleno. Mr. Donaire then hears it from his fellow Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao re: queries as to his work ethic. Donaire disputes Pacquiao and the decision. I only dispute the decision -- altho neither asked my opinion. Nor did you. Probably a simple over-sight there, gentlepersons. 

Cubariqueno Cigar Co.
7 1/2 x 38 Lancero
w. Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
b. Nicaraguan Habano
f. Quadruple Nicaraguan Ligero
La Zona SA, Nicaragua (Erik Espinosa)
K least, Z most
Construction I
Combustion W
Flavors I
Body I
Strength W
Sweet W
Sour O
Salty L
Bitter W
Umami I
Complexity I
Nuance I
Transition W
Balance I
Smoothness O
Animal W
Spicy W
Woody W
Vegetal O
Earthy I
Chemical K
Some smatterings of toasted acidic notes, felt more than tasted. Neat toasted saltiness. Bitter, well; with an excellent balance of sweetness backed by sour bits. Zilch bite. Smoothly handled hefty weight throughout, with a tick of appreciated gruffness. Verily robust and supremely balanced throughout a series of interesting transitions. A headily complex and nuanced offering, this Protocol.

Flavor-notes in order of appearance: pepper, black. Earth, barnyard top-soil. Grain, yeasty black bread. Fruitcake, boozy. Chocolate, baking chocolate. Coffee, Turkish. Pepper, more black now red, cayenne finish. Wood, hickory, scorched oak, sweet cedar. Leather, meaty. Floral, dried and dark. Molasses. Earth, compost. Fruit, pith and grapefruit. Woods, delineate greater and toast smokily. Coffee, espresso with nice crema atop. Leathery oils. Salt, roasted. Chocolate, dark and rich a la P. Diddy. Fruit, dark syrups. Grains -- same stuffs, less yeast some added kasha (buckwheat).

Combustion starts with a self-correcting inch of cracked ash, which smooths to a nice 'nuff medium-grey marbled sheath. Burn wavers but requires no Bic guidances. Pace is lovely, slow and true. Smoke remains cool all the way to and thru the slender nub. Very excellent show of construction, as only the minimalistest tick of softening doth occur. Satiating smoke is delivered on an even-keeled medium tension. Seams hold all the way. Above average smoke out-put yielding a bittersweet room-note which echoes the smoking experience's main components: coffecentric woods and spiced earth complexities.


Please take a peek at THIS, gentlepersons. A fund-raiser for Jockey Dennis Collins is soon (11/16) to be held at Turf Paradise. Mr. Collins was paralyzed when his mount broke down Sept. 25th. 
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