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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Crowned Heads Las Mareas - Cigar Review

Crowned Heads
Las Mareas
6 1/8 x 46 Olas
w. Nicaraguan Corojo '99
b./f. Nicaraguan
My Father SA, Nicaragua

At the time of posting, Cigars City has only two Crowned Heads samplers left which include this offering. Also included therein is the La Imperiosa and Jericho Hill. I've reviewed those and that can be found under the Cigar Reviews tab above. Said sampler contains two of each blend. HERE, check it out yerself.
Haunting produce peppers at onset to 1/2" set in caramel cream.
Spiced cedar sweetened with cocoa.
Creaminess is a burnt campfire marshmallow.
Excellent smoke out-put off each end.
Room-note has a slight Cubanesque vibe.
Pomelo citrus laced fusty note attachments to coffee and grain.
Peanuts, but shells & skins only, I kvell at its uniqueness.
Cereal grains & woods cedar/softwood get chocolate malt complexities.
Leather and flowers. How's that for a country tune?
Coffee? Sure, why not?


Overall, a bit rough-hewn to the eye and light of heft.
Some wiggle on draw tension 'twixt medium and medium+.
Burnt offerings lilt and dump. Pretty fugly ash, gentlepersons.
Burn-line is imperfect but no Bic flick is mandated.
Smoke hath a blue/brown hue.
Finishes a tick less than cleanly. Fuzzy tongue.
Saltiness carries a bit of scorched dryness.
Earthiness sours some, contributing to dry.
Overall, there is a sense of rawness.
In 3/3 draw opens wide and smoke out-put is nigh invasive.
Ends somewhat damply. Spongy nub.


Transitions appear herein the Las Mareas as nigh devolving into rawness. Nuanced heavily, complexed less so around a tobacco of nutty grain earthiness. Curved line throughout, but no re-touch is ever mandated, though a bit of top-leaf doth lag in 3/3. Evenly paced. Construction and combustion were each imperfect, but got the job did and rather admirably so. Pack softens to a spongy nub, draw wiggles around, but each ne'er to the point of annoyance. Smoke stays cool, but ash is warm and dumps freely. Profile tickles at medium+. Very nice balance in a different manner of speaking... almost as if there are two distinct profiles on a tandem bicycle. Verily an intriguing experience.

AN (unrelated) THOUGHT (on horse racing)
As Horse of the Year honors have begun being spoken of, I find myself of a single-mind. There is growing fervor in the Arrogate camp, after the still-young three year-old chased down California Chrome at the recent BC Classic. I cannot recall a far more impressive feat, soitenly. Humsoever, HotY should not be won on the back of one or even two, Grade I wins alone. 

What California Chrome hath done (and mark me as no great an of Chromie) during this, his final campaign, stands mane and withers above all else. Victories abroad, at home, and the intangible goodness of being a fine ambassador to the Sport of Kings. Just my $0.02, gentlepersons. For which I wouldn't be surprised to garner me change. 

If I may horse around a bit longer: a happy and well-earned retirement to Andrew Beyer. A man whom revolutionized the art and (moreso from he) science of handicapping, not once, but twice. 
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