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5 Vegas Gold - Cigar Review

5 Vegas Gold
6 x 52 Toro
w. Ecuadorian Connecticut
b. Nicaraguan
f. Dominican & Nicaraguan
Plasencia Factory, Danli, Honduras
k a p L o w i t z
Bit light of hand-feel. Even yet un-tight seams, and goodly amount of -medium-sized veins. Top-leaf seams less than snug against binder, like ruffled bedsheets. Draw is an even mediumbarely+ tension. Packing softens throughout the experience to a spongy nub, but isn't a hamperin' upon the aforementioned burn nor seams. Smoke doth heat up at end, and shoulder loosens.

k a p l O w i t z
Nicely behaved even burn on a sometimes thick line. Seems to pace itself a bit quickly, particularly in first 2/3, and be prone to over-smoking as exhibited by a conical burn even whenst sipped slowly. Ash is quite dark and holds to a nigh inch -- greasy and rather aerated tooth. Excellent loads of white thick smoky-smoke. Rather a simple toasty room-note. Toked into my Dollar Store hand mirror, wrapper/binder/fillers ignite evenly -- but a lack of density can be seen.

k a P l o w i t z
Pine nuts, needles, and wood. A blonde-roast coffee with a more than its share tang of acidity. White pepper. Toasty to charred profile. Sweet oiled suede. Fireweed honey, with its notes of tea and almost fruitiness. Notes all mellow via progression, lest a chemical sweetness which ends a bit coarsely. Table sugar with a light sea-salted caramel attachment. Dainty grains. Tobacco presents itself as a bit raw but mainly smooth, and seems to want to set toward my throat. Finely ground black pepper hits retro-hale at the mid-point. White bread made with egg -- challah? Heavy on the crust.

k a P l o w i t z
Finish is a short sulfur-laced oddly sweet lemon. As mentioned, a note or two plays on or near yer throat. Thin oily mouth-feel with a bitey flirtation under the tongue. Salt hits lips some; lines cheeks, mainly. Post-finish is a tick chemical, as well. Moisture level in ye olde smoke-hole is kindeth.

k a p L o w i t z
A bit more zetz than expected... somewhat unsettling in glimpses, actually. Nicotine, not leaf-barrage manner. Still mainly low on scale.

If yer looking for an uncomplicated thing that's easy on the wallet, and offers a bit of zetz -- call me. If yer looking for that in a stogie, see Cigars City HERE.

(BOXING) Ward - Kovalev sold 160K PPVs. This bit o' lackluster surprises whom? Ward can't sell out a phone-booth in his living-room and Krusher sees all his potential push going to GGG.

Gentlepersons, unrelated tho related...
This is what he really means, he doesn't want that inside work!! It's amazing to me that the same guy who said he would kick me in the ring if he had to, the same guy who said he wanted a street fight, is the same guy calling me a dirty fighter & the same guy crying foul because things didn't go his way. The reality is when a guy likes to fight one way, on the outside, and is very uncomfortable fighting inside, they call you a dirty fighter. It's called insidework [sic]!! That's the way I was taught, you have to be able to adapt and have more than one style at the highest level. Outside, Mid Range, and Inside, if your going to survive for a long time in this game. Kov is a good fighter, but has one style. He fought the best fight he could fight and that's the best shape he could possible be in and he got tired!! Say what you may, the worst mistake he made was knocking me down. It woke me up, and from there we went to work. We bullied the bully.
If there is a rematch, we are going to pick up where we left off!!"
- Mr. Ward via his Facebook page.
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