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Monday, October 31, 2016

Neya Classic - Blind Cigar Review

Project X
Offering #14 Serie III
(All praise to Mr. Darryl Martin)

Duran Cigars
Neya Classic
Canonazo 6 x 52 Toro
w. Ecuadorian Habano
b./f. Nicaraguan

Packed solid and even, just the right bit of spring-back.
Complex cold draw, ridiculously so --
Creamy cedar, spiced cocoa, mixed nuts
Huge up-front spiced zetz...
coupled with a firm sweet cream accompaniment.
Draw tension eases to a mid-medium+ resistance.
So. Many. Peppers and spices. Complexities, there.
Smooth decadent creams and titillating spices.
BIG body and flavors.
Slow and verily even all-round burn.
Oak joins cedar. Complexities.
Deep and high nuances.
Fruity coffee.
Hot sauce.
Great smoke out-put off each end.
Long and sweetly spiced finish.
Chicken fat?
Sweet heavy citrus.
I need to lay down with this stick.
Not a lotta notes, but insanely deep and nuanced.

High-side of medium+ cold draw tension.
If ya don't like spice, brace thouself.
Game 5 and the Cubbies are all loose, don't matter now --
methinks I know an over-rated manager, gentlepersons.
Won't hold ash to an inch.
Slight cardboard under-belly (verily fleeting).
Palate fatigue, thy name is (whatever this stick is).
The kinda stick I just wanna be alone with --
but here I am writing at you.

Grandiose transitions. Deeply nuanced complexities and quite high notes. Perfect line and very nicely paced. Construction offered no opportunity for complaint, which is personally imperfect, as I like to complain. -Full profile. Superb balance of spices by brutish creams. Surprisingly bare and mellow tobacco room-note off big cloudy bursts from each end.


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