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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Gurkha Royal Challenge - Cigar Review

Gurkha Royal Challenge
7 x 52 Churchill
w. Ecuadorian Connecticut
b. Honduran Habano
f. Nicaraguan, Dominican
K least, Z most
Construction O
Combustion W
Flavors O
Body L
Strength A
Sweet I
Sour O
Salty P
Bitter I
Umami K
Complexity L
Nuance W
Transition A
Balance O
Smoothness T
Animal K
Spicy P
Woody L
Vegetal I
Earthy A
Chemical K
Sweetly acidic. Barely salty, but it doth play a supporting role. Verily bitter and well played against a general sweetness. Zilch bite Refreshingly sour. Impeccably smooth texture. Lighter than most its size in weight and body, but still delicately rich. Nicely 'nuff balanced. Finish is a light vegetal sweetness, which lasts surprisingly long for the profile, to a medium+ length -- and then cleansed with that vegetal bitterness.

Flavor notes as doth they occurred: Pepper, white and finely ground. Honey, basswood*. Woods, light cedar. Hay. Cream. Nuts, pistachios and pine. Tea, white with a light berry taste. Canella**. Sugar, confectioners. Floral, chamomile and day lilies***. Butter. Smoked ice cream, vanilla****. Lemongrass.

Feathery heft and a smooth hand-fell. Lots of delicate smoke-output off each end. Pack softens but seams and draw (medium tension) hold throughout. Burn needs no guidance, but does fail to find a razor line. Ash is a heather grey variance marbling in a ladder-rung build that clumps at inch or so intervals. Pace is a bit quick in spurts, but quite passable.

*"Produced from the cream-colored Basswood blossoms found throughout North America, Basswood honey is one of the few exceptional honey varieties that has a water-white to light color and yet strong distinctive biting, mildly spicy flavour and a distinctive lingering aftertaste. It's somewhat fresh, pleasant "woody" scent is very good with teas like Earl Grey and works well in many recipes, e.g. for salad dressings and marinades." Wikipedia

**"Known as canela in Mexico, Ceylon cinnamon, or "real" cinnamon, C. verum is milder than its brash counterpart cassia. It's far less spicy, and if sampled with expectations of cassia it may disappoint. Its flavor tends toward vanilla: a warm floral note with hints of heat and honeyed fruit. Though it's milder, "true" cinnamon possesses a deeper cinnamon flavor that plays well in the background of dishes, especially savory ones." Serious Eats

***"Slightly sweet with a mild vegetable flavor, like sweet lettuce or melon. Their flavor is a combination of asparagus and zucchini. Chewable consistency." What's Cooking America

****"Look into it." Kap