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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Caminos El Retiro - Cigar Review

Caminos El Retiro
Trillo 6 x 52 Toro
w. Negrito
b. HVA
f. Vizo 2020, Vizo Criollo 98, Ligero Criollo 98, Ligero 2020.
Bit of a stiff pre-light draw becomes a tick less stiff but still stiff hottie. Burn wonks outta the gate. Cocoa butter'd earth. CALM DOWN!!! I yell. We shall see, gentlepersons. CALM DOWN!!! I tells the burn. White pepper with a tick a' black, finely ground in a nifty dose of cream. Packing holds firm against toasting/lighting. Floral bits. Sugar cookie. Yeasty. More cream. Smoke out-put doth build and build. Draw loosens to a medium+ tension. Cashew, softly. Sweet creamy cedar. Cedar. Cedar! Cedar!!! 

Burnt offerings are heather grey on a dense sheath. Nice oily shaft. Pack hath now softened two ticks. Seams hold. Sweet creamy aromatic tobacco room-note. Caramel is on the draw now. Finish is the blend's familiar sweet juiciness. Apple? Mouth-feel is damp but not spitty. Burn is not even but trying trying tryna, ya dig? More cream. Apples get spiced in an Autumn fashion. An astringent vibe is at the onset of finish now, fleeting. 

At the close of the opening act, pepper rises as do cedar. A vanilla vibe cometh. Draw loosens, tightens, wiggles around in Medium+ Tensionville; population: me. Smoke dries my eyes, no lies. Only just a little.

Burn is finally an even 'nuff ribbon. Astringent thingy grows a tick. A bit of a cardboard lilt. Some honey, hon. Texture is quite nice. Caramel apple. Graham cracker. Zetz of Autumn spice. Butter. Snickerdoodle. Toast. Dried apricot. Medium flavors/body; strength a bit less. Two bits. Gets ya a shave and a haircut. Nice, if not... hectic... balance. Table sugar. Leather flexes in the earthy under-belly.

Construction is fairly soft but draw and seams holdeth. Combustion is quite nice, good pace and even burn tho not razor-line quality. I have no clue how long I've been smoking this thing. Mo' buttah on the draw. Smoke out-put is half-tick past average. My stomach hurts. I need to stop taking hardboiled eggs to work with me. Room-note is laced with my sulfer-based flatulence. Shame, that. Coffee and cream on the end of draw now. New Yawk style cheesecake. Resurgent cocoa butter. A bit more black pepper. Even more cedar, sharper now. Leather. Graham cracker. Oh, Mr. Rivas, sir. 

Peppery earth now. More black than white. Peppers, I mean... not Detroit. Speaking of Detroit -- a bit of diesel meow, gentlepersons -- fixed with a quick purging. Leaves a slight sharpening of flavor notes. Lettuce see: medium across-the-board profile. More smoky-smoke now, although the draw is a tick more snug. Lemon rind hits the finish. Ends in a bit of that astringent tendency. Astringent... shave and a haircut... I still have not gone back to the barber whom recommended I use Sea Breeze. Faygala. Harumph and pffft. Old School, indeed.

Pack re-firms. Did not see that coming. Oh, wait. Soft again. Leather, cedar. Earth. Spices and peppery mix, albeit in a subdued manner. That said, there is a new mouth-tingle. Cottage cheese and Saltines... kidding. I stepped away for a nosh. Bad reviewer! Bad! Draw shuffles around in medium+. Profile shuffles around in medium. Kinda hectic, as said prior. Not Pryor. Pryor said, "Marriage is really tough because you have to deal with feelings... and lawyers." Oy gevalt. 

At the band. I already have a toothpick picked out. Smoke is cool, temp-wise. Cream rebounds. A lilt of brown lunch bag.
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