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Obsidian White Noise - Blind Cigar Review

Project X
Offering #7 Serie III
Obsidian White Noise
6 3/10 x 52 Belicoso
w. Ecuadorian Habano
b. Dominican
f. Dominican, Nicaraguan
K least, Z most
Construction L
Combustion W
Flavors W
Body W
Strength O
Sweet I
Sour W
Salty L
Bitter W
Umami L
Complexity I
Nuance L
Transition I
Balance L
Smoothness L
Animal O
Spicy I
Woody W
Vegetal O
Earthy L
Chemical K
Tick throaty up-front off light, but smoovs quickly 'nuff and mainly. Dense un-budging packing. Lotsa tobacco. Quite a thin profile and not overly well-rounded. Chewy in a fluffy pastry manner but in brief glimses. Very bold/brazen/(immature) and delineated flavor notes. Complexity comes via big transitions, not intermingling flavor nuances. Still, a bit of a complex, nuanced affair - in that order. Draw is an even medium+ tension. Mouth-feel is a thin nigh liquid pepper melange zetz. Very nice moisture in smoke-hole. Finish is a sweet 'n' spicy beaut of long gams, see? - ends clean as a whistle. Lots of smoke and builds to more throughout. Room note is sweet earth with some sharpness on account of peppers. Burnt offerings as far as the eye can see, I'm fairly certain ash would grow the entire length if attempted. My bad, drops at a bit past and inch. Nice pale grey in a loose sheath 'round dense core with some light to medium grey marblings. Top-leaf is made in Italy... as it is fragil-eee; cracking along a large vein. Tres thin leaf. Seams are iffy from pre-light to nub -- that said, construction holds if not shines. Combustion is swell. Decent stogie if ya got a pair of kids gloves at the ready.

I message Mr. Martin, facilitator of Project X: "This is like AJ re-blended a Nat Sherman 1930." I obviously bother him. He replies in anger with an angry row of angry question marks, angrily. 

[in order of appearance] Red pepper. White pepper. Cayenne. Toast, white bread slices. Earth. Sugar. Milk chocolate. Cinnamon. Mulling spice. Vegetal, alfalfa. Salt. (Wait -- sea weed? Grain, rice. Umami, pale... fish? Sushi? Wasabi? Not much. Wasabi with you?) Please to ignore all within the parenthesis, gentlepersons. Altho, this cigar would pair well Sushi. Commencing: Nougat. Nuts, pale and candied. Cedar, creamy with a cocoa attachment. Macadamia leads nuts and is pasted. Oak, seared shavings. Caramel, toasted. Apple, dried Granny Smith. Meat, smoked. Lemon Vodka zest.