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Caminos TMM - Cigar (P)review

Caminos is a new brand, one youse should know. Get acquainted Kaplowitz style by reading about the El Retiro HERE and listening to my TMM Toro review HERE.

Caminos TMM
6 x 54 Belicoso
w. HBA
b. C98
f. Ligero 2020, Criollo 98
Black peppered creamy earthiness up-front and a seasoned wood behind it in the primary notes. Middlings are chocolate forward on a orange-red spice rack and a cedar lower bits. Earth under-belly with a chocolate influence and slight red fruit vibings. Finish is more earth and a tick darker at that, with a heightening of red fruits and spice rack. Medium+ legs there. Very nice draw on a smooth and even medium tension. Line is attempting to self-correct off an out-of-doors match lighting. Packing held firm against said light. More fruits. More chocolate. A tick bit of fusty at onset of finish, alters the notes well with a nifty nuance. Malt to chocolate. A cereal grain, sweetly so.

Ash is light to heather grey with silver flecks and built on a nice sheathing. Room-note is sweet grains and cocoa with a spicy zetz. Smoke out-put is average off each end, smoke-hole is well-satiated. Mouth-feel is a light chew on a heavier cream, verily smoov. Moisture level is grand. Malty stuff dances around the profile and attaches to chocolate and cream. Cedar really flexes in the mid-middling now, it's creamy and seasoned. Hand-feel is smooth suede and excellently balanced in the mitt. Nice heft. Lotsa tobacco.

Balanced hand. Ditto re: profile. Well-rounded and of good depth. There's a cleansing grapefruit hint at the immediate draw; non-acidic non-sharp. At the other end, finish lengthens a tick and a half, and ends quite cleanly. Pithy and fusty yet bright and lively, but too with a neat depth. Huzzah! A meaty leather comes in on the soft black pepper retro-hale. Line hath found its own dead-even.

Cherry, why not gentlepersons? Though fleeting. The entire opening act's burnt offerings drop in a dense thud. Profile is: medium+ flavor, medium+ body (on another dose of cream which shows up toasted), and strength is a medium virtually sans nicotine -- all backbone there. Malt and fusty bits dial back to high-light fruits and a nice Dominican tang which lands on the tip a' me tongue. Salt. Some slight mineral taste at the end of finish now. Notes delineate and are delivered sharper but kindly. Earth has brightened. Cedar is the lone wood, but handling well the burden. Coffee and cream.

Pack density is unsoftened and draw is same as ever it twas. Strength has an added nicotine and now a medium+ match to rest of profile. A seam loosens a hair. Shaft is a tick more dry. Fruitier finish. Chewy has left as if Han Solo insulted his bubbe. Interesting mid-transition, or a tick later than that.

I'm hand-washing my undershirts and have no idea how to dry them in this rain. Why must I suffer so? It's chilly out here in only a button-down shirt. Also, pants. City ordinances, and all. I forgot to mark the start time, so lettuce just agree to say ninety minutes or more re: smoke time. Fluffy rye bread. Some herbal seasonings... a dried Italian mix and just a dash. Coffee jumps up. There' a carbonated mouth-feel addition. Clean. Mineral aspect seems splitsville quicker than a Hollywood marriage.

I forgot to say Shema this morning. I say it now as we enter --

Leather leads the earth under-belly. Creamy spices are primary notes and a high up middling chocolate with new malt add-on braces well. Rest of that middling is a sweet creamy cedar with help from a low-mid spice rack. A new honey malt finds pith bits and swirls around. All of a sudden, the breadiness and grain condense in a neat toasted core. Sugar. A bit of smoked meat. Another superb transition as the band looms nigh. I'd pair this 'un with Manischewitz Concord Grape, I would. Just not at 10am. I wonder what time it is in Israel?

Nuanced and complex. Complex and nuanced. Lively and of great depth. The wife and kid are under the weather. A cigar a day keeps the doctor away, and I feel healthy, wealthy, and wise; out here rising early to get the worm -- k'ayn ayin hara (spit thrice). Earthy. Sunny. Bright. The cigar, I mean... the weather is still rainy and I miss summer already.

At the band, the burn wobbles a bit and I retouch for the tooth-picking. Citrus rises well. Pretty, pretty stick this Caminos TMM get yours whenst to market they doth come in October/November-ish. It'd pair nicely with your pumpkin spiced everythings. Oooh... more dat rye bread now malted...