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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Camacho Triple Maduro - Blind Cigar Review

Project X
Offering #6 Serie III

Camacho Triple Maduro
5 x 50 Robusto
(mine was a 1/4" shy a' that; must be cold in here.)
w. Mexican San Andres
b. Corojo
f. Brazilian, Dominican, Honduran

Woke up with a plugged nose. Ain't plugged now. My day has been thus: a breakfast stogie, a bland lunch, saline-spray right up the schnoz, now this. I am breaking my own rule, gentlepersons, of only reviewing the day's first stick. Too, my nose might re-stuff at any moment. Really, anything can happen here!

Are you as excited as I am? ...
K least, Z most
Construction I
Combustion I
Flavors I
Body W
Strength W
Sweet L
Sour W
Salty P
Bitter I
Umami I
Complexity W
Nuance I
Transition O
Balance L
Smoothness L
Animal I
Spicy I
Woody I
Vegetal L
Earthy O
Chemical P
Black pepper. Oak, toasted. Espresso beans. Red pepper flakes. Cinnamon. BBQ. Cayenne. Alfalfa. Caramelized sugar, trace. Molasses, smoked thin. Smokiness. Mulling spice, slight note attachment. Black dirt, a truck of it. Bourbon. Habanero vibe. Tobacco, sharp and dark -- piercing. Leather, saddle. Plum. Tar. Salt, Himalayan? Nuts, roasted almond. Charcoal briquettes. Hickory, seared. Cedar, seasoned. Grain, toasted. Espresso. Cream, toasted dark -- burnt. Caramel, vibe. Gamey. Black cherry. Black licorice. Herbs. Apple wood.

Packed like a brick, pre-light. On light, it gives a tick but seams and draw hold. Burn-line is a razor-thin delineation 'twixt dark toothy top-leaf and grey'd burnt offering. Ash forms in evenly spaced but not tight, ladder-rungs. Very solid building of the stuff. That line ribbons a tick, but needs no re-touching and smooths over as progression doth progress. Draw begins and stays at a medium+ tension, but stiffens within that realm. Then loosens within that realm. Regardless, smoke-hole is satiated fully and tingly so. 

Good strength here, but mostly not of a nicotine zetz. Body is a creme brulee buttery peppers medium+ and strength is at least that and perchance more. Full, but not rich, per se... not rounded but robust. Heavy. Sweetnesses are mainly clean remnants of bitter/sour but too with a chemical lilt at the far end of finish. There is more of that sweet heat, candied, in the closing act. No bite, never throaty -- but not smooth. Lots of coarsely ground charred notes that lay on the tongue. Not overly balanced, but I don't believe it's meant to be. Retro-hale enhances hugely and is surprisingly smooth. A ridiculously long smoke time for this size.

If ham-fisted top-notes (or steroidal upper middling notes) are yer bag, get a bag a' these sticks, gentlepersons. 

This is that, done quite remarkably well.


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