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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Padilla Single Batch - Kaplowitz Scale Cigar Review

Photo credit: Oregon School of the Blind.
Padilla Single Batch
Perfecto 4 1/2 x 6
w. Ecuadorian Sumatra
b. Honduran
f. Brazilian, Dominican, Honduran
K least, Z most
Construction T
Combustion I
Flavors O
Body O
Strength P
Sweet I
Sour O
Salty A
Bitter L
Umami P
Complexity P
Nuance P
Transition P
Balance I
Smoothness T
Animal O
Spicy L
Woody W
Vegetal L
Earthy O
Chemical K
Medium profile and quite classically so. Somewhat acidic, but sweetly so and delivered on a fruity cream -- done correctly and adding well to that balance which surrounds a wood core. Verily rich of an offering considering that medium profile. A nice sweet then sour finish of longer legs than expected. Post finish is clean 'nuff. Creamy texture with the slightest of white pepper tingles. Mouth-feel errs toward dry, but not egregiously. Flavor notes, in a mainly food-centic and completely alphabetized manner include: Apple cider. Coffee, a weak coffee & cream diner brew. Cream with a fruity addition. Dirt, sunlit. Floral bits, pale. Leather oils. Lemon. Spice, autumn varietal. White pepper. Suede. Woods, soft. For all that, the flavor is a tick flat. 

Construction is lovely in an oft tricky format (Perfecto). Burn is even through and through, giving burnt offerings of a pale grey with some medium grey marblings; grows solid and long with just a tick of flake. Minimal veins and tight seams all the live-long. Moderate + a tick smoke out-put from each end. Very good medium pull resistance. A mere bissell softening of pack, but nothing seen in performance. Very smokeable and in a personal favorite vitola. Nice smoke time via a neat-o pacing. Never transgresses. Never wows. An offering that keeps it simple, stupid. Ya won't go wrong if ya try.

Easy smoker in a fun format, lacking in complexity and nuance. Stick it in yer smoke-hole and forget about it. Look cool sans hassle. Repeat.


I was awoken at dawn's crack -- called her an Uber and made myself coffee. Opened my Chromebook and logged into Facebook. I always like to check FB first off and right away, so that I know how to decipher world news and current events via my friends list's professional pundit opines. What'd I see? My notifications alit with news of this stick. The Padilla Single Batch in Perfecto -- Cigars International -- a buck for a 5-pack and s/h on the house? I couldn't pass it up. Didn't even try. I close deals... it's what I do. Boom.

I don't normally do this, but I know many of ya gentlepersons have closed this deal, and by now have smoked this offering. So I ask: what'd ya think? Comment below*.

Thanks as always, for the loaning of yer attentions.

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