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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jenneff Sungrown - K A P L O W I T Z Scale Cigar Review

Funny thing about my wife's Chihuahua, whilst she's prone to bark uncontrollably at a person walking some fifty yards from our house -- when the mailperson comes to the door, knocks, and drops a package off: silence. Funny thing about my Dachshund, Ruby Vondella simply could not care less about either for-instance. She likes her rest.

All this is to say that Mr. Jeff White's package of his fine cigar offerings was left outside my door just this morning, and here I is smoking one now. I know, I know, I should allow some settling. Humsoever, I am quite familiar with Jenneff offerings and gentlepersons, I needed some smokeable comfort food today. So's here I am, indulging myself. Because gosh-darnit, I'm worth -- 

Jenneff Cigars
Sungrown 7 x 50 Churchill
w. Ecuadorian Sungrown
b. Dominican
F. Dominican & Nicaraguan 
K least, Z most
Construction O
Combustion L
Flavors O
Body O
Strength P
Sweet W
Sour O
Salty L
Bitter L
Umami L
Complexity L
Nuance O
Transition W
Balance I
Smoothness I
Animal A
Spicy P
Woody I
Vegetal O
Earthy W
Chemical K


  • Solid ash, pale grey, tick of flaking.
  • Ashes in inch-long clumps.
  • Packaging softens a good bit off lighting.
  • Burn wobbles, don't fix, but don't further stray.
  • Verily upfront sweet umami earth/wood. Sour notes balance & back.
  • Very smokable. Smooth texture and great mouth-feel.
  • Nice simple balance. Not a lot of balls, but well-juggled.
  • Some blisters doth occur on line here and there.
  • Draw tension is a medium+ spectrum thru-out...
  • ... at times delivering unevenly.
  • Seams tend to loosen at burn-line.
  • Body fleshes out richly 'nuff after 1/3.
  • Ash doth lilt and nigh flower on occasion.
  • Globings o' glue on foot and primary band. 
  • Spiciness and toasting of notes pick up at mid-point.
  • Pack continually softens and re-firms. Particularly at transitions.
  • A goodly amm't of them (subtle) transitions.
  • Four touch-ups in total. One biggie.
Smooth textured and lightly strength'd... smokeable. Many subtle and undemanding transitions of a small bit of notes. Sweet woods backed by earth and balanced by kindly un-tart sours. Rich in a slight way. Easy like a Sunday mornin'. Savory in a meatless cereal grain manner. Some combustion imperfections and slighter construction woes, but a relaxing smoke at a fantastic price. Sweetness gets some salty addition on a pleasant finish. They don't all have to be hard, gentlepersons. Verily an attainable and well-balanced all-purpose comfort, this.

N/A, for I don't final grade fresh off the truck. I shall allow to settle and do a full write-up shortly.

Read THIS & THIS to fully grok this posting, please.

Under-dog Postol will win and Hard Aces will show tonight. Or my name ain't Juan N. Dunn.