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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ave Maria Argentum Morning Star - Cigar Review

Ave Maria Argentum
Morning Star
5 x 58 Perfecto
w. Ecuadorian Habano
b. Nicaraguan
f. Nicaraguan & Honduran

K least, Z most
Construction I
Combustion W
Flavors I
Body W
Strength W
Minimal veins and nigh invisible seams. Vastly of an even complected maduro-oscuro-realm with a burnt sienna under-hue which comes up higher in a single spot alongside the thickest vein which ain't at all thick, nor any sorta impediment. Nicely crafted cap and darkly reddish foot tobacco. Schnoz is sweet dark tobacco with a sharpening at the foot. Cold pull is bittersweet and heavy on a medium tension.

Fantastic ease from a less than easy format (perfecto). Draw remains at a robust medium tension throughout, and offers steady smoke-hole saturation. Line never errs beyond a slight and self-correcting ribbon. Ash is a solid sheath and vastly palest grey with silver ticks; some medium grey low-lights. I need to force the burnt offerings off by the inch. Foot-smoke volume is zaftik sans being showy. Seams hold without loosening. Packing softens mayhaps a quarter tick. Strength mounts slowly hitting highpoint at the start of the final act, then settling back. Ends with a fantastic chew and smoke which grows no warmer than ever-it-was.

Very well-balanced affair of -full proportions. Lip-smackingly umami-driven with a darkly robust but not abysmal bittersweet delivery. In the second act, a strong-yet-gentle bitter note takes hold in a heavily-bodied fashion. Sweetness darkens here to balance that rather well. Strength goes up a tick an a half in that center-act. Retro-hale is deep but not unsettling with a bittersweet lead and salty under-belly. Finish is a rich and balanced mix of sweet umami with a saltiness lacing throughout on medium+ legs -- post that, a clean palate is left behind with a scant trace of sourness. No bite anywheres, gentlepersons -- although it's not supremely smooth, it is not gruff whatsoever. Zilch insofar of anything acidic or other-wise sharp. Dark, not foreboding, yes? Sure. Darkens and becomes sweeter in the closing act. Body fills out more and brings in a greater umami-ness. An excellent offering for a dark and solitary room filled with happily contemplative notions all yer own.

Meaty throughout and too chocolate of the most darkly sinful variety. Caramelized sugar and espresso create a Cuban coffee romp, particularly in the final act. Good zetz of black cherry in the first half becomes more subtle in the second. Black pepper and licorice play well on the retro-hale. Roasted dark walnuts are on the finish. Earthy drivers are manure and a heavy tobacco. Woods? Why not? Pandas eat wood and everyone loves pandas. Aromatic tobacco paired with a toasty oak. Wine cask in subtle dosages. Hint of mesquite. There is too, some vibing of charcoal at onset and end. 
Mouth-feel is of a Goldilocks moisture level. Smoke is tepid and medium+ insofar as body on a thick creaminess that never builds to too mucho. No tingling of tongue nor catch of throat. There is a nice weightiness on my palate, tho. 

Deep and dark with a slightness of sharpness via a sour note.. Not intrusive, but mayhaps a non-smoker might feel differently. However, non-smokers feel all kinds of things which we must not trouble ourselves with. Sweetness sweetens in the closing act.

Concord Grape to Blackberry Manischewitz in order to high-light robust top-notes. Going as light as Loganberry might aid in chasing under-belly notes of sourness and smack ya with inherent toastiness.



Orientate thyself, Dear Reader. HERE (tasting notes).
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