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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weekly Boxing Review for June 7, 2016 - Drew Estate Papas Fritas

I pulled off the pig-tail. As Hashem intended.
I say faux-rustic because every possible attention to detail has been made in tight even seems and a flawless packing. Plus, having smoked several prior Paps Fritas offerings, their combustion and construction are grand. That said, there is a roughness if not gruffness to this toothy stick. Goodly amounts of spider veins lay under a somewhat uneven heavy sheen. The complexion is darkly muted and somewhat un-even with a brick-red hue coming up closer in some spots than in others. There's a zaftik vein in the mid-shaft. Make no mistake however, gentlepersons -- we are speaking of precision engineering.

Now let's speak pugilism, with some nods toward:

Drew Estate
Liga Pravada Unico Serie
Papas Fritas
4 1/2 x 44 Petite Corona
w. Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
b. Brazilian Mata Fina
f. Honduran & Nicaraguan

(as this is not a review per se)
Starbucks Pike Place Coffee
Brewed using pour-over method
Packet of Stevia
We open here with a healthy zetz of black pepper'd earth braced by thick molasses. Packing does not soften an iota against match-light. Finish lengthens at each tug and is darkly sweet, carried by spiced earth.

"Definitely a possibility." Says Oscar de la Hoya. He says this in response to a query of a 2016 Saul Alvarez Gennady Golovkin lower-level (my opinion) super-match. You see, gentlepersons, first there is a court-case to tend to. Then there is GGG agreeing to a 155lb catch-weight and to the lamb's share of monies.

As to the court thingy: it revolves around a small Florida based promotion company, All-Star Boxing, laying claim that their toes were stepped on by de la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. Alvarez first signed on with All-Star back in 2008. Canelo's own manager, one Mr. Rafael Mendoza introduced the small firm to his then 18 year-old pugilist and all went well for some time. Included nigh the end of said time, the introduction of Golden Boy to the mix. Actually, they were always in the mix -- as Alvarez fought his first All-Star contracted fight under a Golden Boy promoted event. It would seem there's a lot to un-entwine here. Nevertheless, it ends with the smaller company having a strong sense of receiving the short end of that entwining.

Mr. Alvarez has carefully, and perhaps predatorially, strung together a string of outwardly impressive wins since his loss to Mr. Floyd Mayweather. As covered in the aforementioned 155 catch-weight stipulation and the now mentioned probable re-hydration on fight-night to 175, easy. Amir Khan, Canelo's latest victim, mentioned 180... and also mentioned so in surprise. A surprise which surprised me; as this is the going modus operandi here.

Black pepper mellows as it sautees in creamery butter and this dialing back lets in a nice warm cocoa note. Smooth, but not boring. Like a french fry, this Papas Fritas... and I already want another. A tid-bit: this Drew Estate offering is named after company rep Jefe Tinnell's favorite nosh.

To be clear, "Definite possibility" hinges upon getting outta court and a successful continuation of a predatory 155 catch-weight agreement. I don't think Mr. Golovkin cares for monies, nor in all honesty, deserves a fatter take than does Mr. Alvarez.
Here the Papas Fritas offering gets a well-roasted/brewed cup of coffee poured alongside the cocoa. I'd not go mocha, humsoever, as there is a delineation and thinning of cream. A nice tongue tingle doth prevail with black-led pepper smattering.  Combustion and construction are muah! The slightest only of ribbon, I am blaming on the wind-tunnel that is my carport. It hasn't appeared in any other instances of these neat lil smokers (for which I thank Mr. Darryl Martin and his generous kindnesses).

There ain't never a winner in war. Ask anyone who's been to one. There was a war this week-end in a thus far hands down Fight of the Year go between Francisco Vargas (23-0-2&17) and Orlando Salido (43-13-4&30) -- some numbers of interest there gentlepersons, no?

For all the intense battling, and I'll bring in the CompuBox numbers shortly, neither fighter was in much jeopardy during the wild night of fisticuffs. Given this, I must state that the only fight which might possibly unseat this not yet seated FotY -- is its hopeful re-match.

Them numbers:
Mr. Vargas landed 33% of his 1,184 total punches.
... and 39% of his 776 power shots.
Mr. Salido landed 35% of his 939 total.
... and 39% of his own 817 power shots.

Francisco Vargas doth retain his WBC crown off the draw. Draw? This Drew Estate Papas Fritas has a beaut a' one. Like all DE I can think of, it boasts a fantastic smoke out-put off each end. The room-note is a carport note and the wind, gentlepersons. I dunno. I can tell you the smoke is kind 'nuff to dangle the remaining inch from my lips and not irritate my sensitive and intelligent green eyes. The under-belly shines here, in sweet and spicy earthen notes with a wooden bracing.
Cocoa gets mo' muscle. The smoke at the band-point does warm some, but it's kinda nice. Mouth-feel is a tick toward damp, but acceptable. One thing is for certain: this Petite Corona smokes well above its size -- transitioning and mainly developing like a well larger offering. Coffee, and cola, and Concord Grape Manishewitz all would do this stick so right. There is your promised nod toward libation. I do always make good on promises. Too, I seldom promise. My coffee is yummy.

Muhammad Ali is "Not suffering anymore." Says Laila Ali. The world left sad at his departure should take solace in this in the most largess of terms. I recall my own father's Parkinsonian sufferings. Too, I recall my relief at his plain pine casket -- as inside, he was at long last at peace.

Please consider, gentlepersons, lending an ear or two to my Kibbitz in tribute to The Greatest, Mr. Muhammad Ali. May his memory be a blessing.
"... and I'm pretty!"
& gentlepersons, thanks as always for your kind attentions.