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Weekly Boxing Review for 5.18.16 - Fratello Cigars Corona

Lit pre-click in over-powering anticipation.
Corona 5 1/2 x 46
w. Nicaraguan Habano
b. Ecuadorian Sumatra
f. Nicaraguan and Peruvian

Sampling courtesy (thank ya, sir) Omar de Frias

(as this is not a review, per se)
12oz Can of Diet Pepsi
If you saw Rocky IV, this comes as no surprise. Drago is juicing. Lo, he doth say he ain't. Regardless, the WBC has postponed champ Mr. Dentay Wilder's mandatory Balboa against Mr. Alexander Povetkin. 

Wilder has broke camp for the now not gonna happen May 21st fisticuffs; but Povetkin's Don Kingovich figure, Andrey Ryabinsky of World of Boxing -- has already threatened legal action should the fight be officially cancelled. For what it's worth, Deontay still wants " ... to be an active heavyweight champion and it is still my goal to collect all the belts and become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world."

Mr. Fury currently, and Mr. Joshua, futurely -- were last seen not shaking in their boots. This story has bearing with a Manolo Estate Heavyweight Maduro contest I am running. This is to say I know the implications -- not that I have any idea what to do. Stay tuned, gentlepersons, as I sort. Seems I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

Salted sweet butter is set upon my lips. Notes on the draw are quite driven from the rear by chocolate. Upfront is a seasoned cedar and red spice-rack. Some black pepper with an under-belly of red occupy middlings. Underneath is an earthiness laced with an Americano. Burn has a slight waver, ash is a tick flaked, but makes most of an inch; wearing 'nuff white to be in a P Diddy video.

I must say I did not like this match for Wilder, and I feel it is best now for him to bemoan it not occurring and brag upon his intent. Stylistically 'twas a no-no. Best for Wilder's crew as a no-go. Next up for Mr. Wilder? Perhaps learning to not loopty-loo his punches.
Floyd Mayweather continues to settle and apparently entrench into his new role of pugilstic promoter. Currently in his sights therein is 28 year old undefeated WBO world super-featherweight champion Mikey Garcia (34-0-0-28). If you ask me, the possibilities here are far more exciting than in Money-Pacman II. Don't even talk at me, gentlepersons about that lay and pray tattooed fella... whom has lost.

Here in the Fratello offering, chocolate becomes fudgy and then distant and then wrapped in a supple and oil seeping leather. Profile is -full and strength a medium. Draw is a bit tense, say a voluptuous medium+ resistance, but I nibbled the end and ain't never minded sipping. I sip through a still densely packed 3/3. I need to really work off an inch+ of solid ash. Surprisingly, rest of packing has softened and noticeably so. Flavor notes hold fast. Chocolate is on retro-hale under pepper-play and is brief.

Possibilities For Mr. Mikey Garcia include and are, really quite limited to, a ressurrection of sorts in a somewhat stalled career post Top Rank entanglements and picking his crown up via a January 25th 2014 bout with Juan Carlos Burgos. Mr. Money, proprietor of Mayweather Promotions LLC Promotional Firm closed a presser with “I do want Mikey Garcia, I do. We going to take him to that next level. We going to get him the fights he really wants.”
Burn-line has reached a dead even-steven on its own slowing accord. Fresher notes of grass and alfalfa are sneaking into the profile. Soaring black pepper pulls way ahead of its red cohort and leaves a heavy tobacco on my tingly palate.

Mr. Guillermo Rigondeaux was stripped of his two junior featherweight world titles late last year. The WBA has just today decided to deem him once again their crown-holder. The 35 year-old Rigo who has a lightesque professional record of 16-0-0-10 after a stellar Cuban amateur record which included gold in '04 and '08, now faces mandatories and interims and blah. Next up is the latter against an as of yet unnamed opponent. The former, upon reinstatement, interim titleholder Moises Flores (24-0-0-17)  in a mandatory fight by Aug. 1. Mandatories, interims, oh my.

I taste a ton of leather. Some ebbing and flowing dried red to purple fruits. Smoky smoke mounts.
Former world champ JCCjr. (49-2-1-32) is touting a return to the ring whilst under the tutelage of Tiburcio Garcia, with an eye toward training under Freddie Roach. In-ring eyes forward, he has in them sights a possible July/August yearning for Gabriel Rosado at 168. Jr. is flagging down Mr. Roach as per his legendary Sr.'s instructions. 

A neat white pepper comes into the salted sweet butter. Shaft and smoke heat up a tick toward the band. Creaminess mounts and mounts. Lush and toasted. It brings up a nice coffee drink note. Burn doth waver here and there, never egregiously. Strength stays a gentleperson, gentlepersons.

As of late, Jr. has been hard on Canelo re: his fighting Amir Khan. Julio Cesar Chavez and Saul Alvarez walk into a restaurant -- they proceed to eat an awful lot. Why does Mr. Roach make the best milk shakes? He uses only the finest ingredients.
"Fright Night" (1947)
K=least; Z=greatest
Appearance I
Construction W
Combustion W
Flavors/Body I
Strength O