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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Evil Genius Time Machine - First Impression

Evil Genius Gigars
Time Machine
6 x 50 Toro
Nicaraguan habano wrapper
Nicaraguan corojo binder
Cameroon and the Dominican Republic fillers

This is not a review. As titled, it is simply a first impression. I received a kind sampling from Mr. Alex Hirsch, owner of Evil Genius, just this afternoon. I smoked this one of two Time Machine offerings just now -- later the same day. Today, to be clear.

I allowed for no rest, and this is simply my curiosity getting the better of me. Rest assured, I shall allow the remaining samplings their proper settling in my pirate chest themed humidor, gifted me by Santawitz. I will say that the cigars came to me in fantastic shape. Well packaged, complete with a Boveda 69 and nicely appointed literature. My thanks once again to Mr. Hirsch. I am always humbled by such generosities. 

Look for a full write-up shortly.
That aside, have ya heard the one about the Italian scientist? He was running a series of scientific experiments on a frog. He first placed said frog on a laboratory table and said to it: "Jump-a!"

The frog leaped, the Italian scientist measured. "Frog she jump-a four feet." He spoke into his recorder. He then amputated a leg and placed the tripod amphibian on the same table. "Jump-a!" He measured. "Frog she jump-a three feet."

The scientist amputated another leg, placed the two-legged creature on the same table once again: "Jump-a!" Measured. "Frog she jump-a two feet." Again with a chop and a "Jump-a!" ... "Frog she jump-a one foot." A final limb is taken and the frog is plopped on the table. "Jump-a!"

The frog did not jump. "Jump-a!" Nothing. "Jump-a" Nothing. The Italian scientist scratched his chin, deep in thought. Finally: "Frog she go-a deaf!"

Mr. Hirsch is a scientist. I probably might should have led with that. 
Eyeballs show minimal veins and somewhat loose but even seams on a dark hot cocoa froth complexion with some caramel hints. Undertones are a burnt sienna. Foot tobacco is auburn to brunette shades, Over-top is a light marbling and nice sheen. Hand-feel is a light oil but a goodly amount of that. Overall, density Charmin squeezes a tick unevenly from -medium to medium+. Balance is nice. Schnoz notes of sweet earth on the shaft with some fruitiness at the foot. Verily tobacco. Some compost underneath. Very earthy cold draw on a medium+ resistance.

On the light, a charred and near bitey very green almost chemical note greeted me. This thankfully subdued after two/three puffs. Then sweet earth takes over. Added on its heels is a cedar note. Green notes remain and a salt gets sprinkled on them. At the end of the opening act, hardwoods peek in and cedar fills out, flexes. Some fruit traces appear at the end of the draw, prior to the finish. Finish is medium-legg'd and simple sweet earth.

In the second act, green matures to vegetal. Vegetal roasts, then abruptly gets back to green. Becomes then a mild jalapeno juice which tingles the mouth-feel. Sweet earth from top to bottom and side to side. An over-brewed black tea rears up at the halfway mark.

In the final act, suede comes in and morphs to leather. Thicker earth, more moisture. Cedar subdues. Woods crisp, season. Baking spices emerge, high-lighting a nutmeg. This mixes with mild jalapeno juices to cause a bit of drool. At the band, all subsides and sweet earth moistened by leathery oils take a bow as the curtain falls.

There are white pepper happenings at various levels on the retro-hale. Construction holds well throughout. Burn is ugly to near-fercockt, but flakes do not fly. Strength is nada and body/flavors are a goodly medium+. 

A stogie plus, I'd say. A great stick to puff on whilst handicapping Portland Meadows (which is what I did). Not an offering of the high maintenance variety. Limited complexities and undemanding flavors. I say "stogie" with my usual undying love. This Evil Genius Time Machine begged a park bench and a swig of Manischewitz. Nice. Uncluttered and unassuming. I say plus, because it showed glimpses of more -- which I will uncover upon further and more well-rested review.
noon (PST) post 1/20

Box 'em, gentlepersons. 
& don't bet the dough dough.

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