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Friday, January 29, 2016

Evil Genius Black Chapel - Cigar Review (Audio)

Evil Genius Cigars
Black Chapel
3 1/2 x 42 Petite Corona-ish
Brazilian Maduro wrapper
(Aged 6 months in rum barrels)
Dominican Corojo binder (Aged in rum barrels)
Nicaraguan, Domincan Republic & Peruvian fillers

Sample offering courtesy of Alex Hirsch, Brand Owner.

Smooth/Coarse? Sure, in that order
Sweet/Spicy? Sweet
Mouth-feel? Nice after evening out at the onset+
Strength? -Medium
Draw? Smooth & even medium+ resistance
Burn? Needed correcting twice in a short format
Construction? Good
Primary Note(?)? Rich earth, just shy of compost. Nut tray.

Atypical Maduro with a sweetness that is somewhat out of context. That's my 'professional response.' My amateur response? Tasty.

Whatever regular folk drink. Or Manischewitz.

Thanks, as ever gentlepersons, for yer ears and eyes.