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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Father No. 3 Crema - Cigar Review

Nothing to see here, gentlepersons. Just me smoking through a My Father sampler.

My Father S.A.
No. 3 Crema
Ecuadorian Habano wrapper
Nicaraguan binder/filler
6 x 49 Cremas
Rugged. Nearly brawny. Nice even taper at the cap is a bit of a stand-out, but not showy. The band -- that's showy. Muah! perfection. Complexion is a well roasted coffee bean with a slight red vibrancy coming though in a robust fashion. Marbling over top is a dark black-green. Veins are a thing, as are spider web veins, but too they are germane to the plot. Foot tobacco is a densely packed matte brown with a burnt sienna hue underneath. Nice even sheen throughout; clarified butter -- not too thick, not too thin.

Hand-feel is exceptional. Well balanced and feels powerful. Veins do not interrupt, they compliment the thick wrapper and zaftik densities underneath. Packing is a very lively and very solid medium+ and evenly so throughout. Slick but gruff on the fingers. A healthy man who works hard outdoors and also secretly moisturizes.

Schnoz notes from the shaft are a sweetly dark and very woodsy tobacco. Not hay, but wood chips. At the foot, a nutty note comes off the wood and there are some coffee beans there, as well. Nibbling off the cap I get, on a medium resistance draw, notes of coffee, nuts, and woods (hickory). There's a non-dairy creaminess there, too.

Wood and nuts are the aromas let loose on the foot-toasting. Hickory and almond, to be exact. Those, too, are the main notes on the first hot draw. On the finish, the hickory seasons and coffee beans come in from the draw to continue roasting. The almond is very nice and I believe the non-dairy cream I noticed earlier is coming from them and settling into a dry almond paste mouth-feel and finish extension. Second hot pull is retro-haled to add in some coarse ground white pepper, but also caramel notes and a leather which seems to carry them. Third hot pull is leather backed and steered by white and now a lil black pepper. Notes involved are hickory, toasting almonds, coffee beans, and caramel -- in that particular order. Mouth-feel is almond paste. Finish is caramel attaching to the mouth-feel and white pepper with a hint at cocoa but mainly caramel. Long legged gal, she.

Ash somewhat amplifies the fine tooth of the wrapper and is medium grey to near charcoal, but the newer rungs are quite more pale. Burn is attempting to even off a porch lighting. Draw is a weak medium, and I'd like another notch up of resistance, but objectively, it's a smooth draw. Packing density has softened a tick, surprisingly halfway down the stick, though it holds well. Very full thick smoke with brownish-yellow tintings. I'll say it's a medium+ profile right outta the gate. By the time I hit the wire, I do hope to still be standing.
Almonds really perk up, and it was a heady note prior. Their pastes coat my mouth, their oils. my palate. Makes for a nice, even mouth-feel with perfect moisture. Hickory, seasoned, is the other primary note which comes on after the almond. Leather backing is very nice and far back enough for a great added dimension. White and black roasted peppers give yet another dimension on the retro-hale. Coffee and cocoa beans play in and out. Caramel toasts, hardens, and sits nicely in the finish. All notes here are hard and/or derived from hard tastes. Very interesting, and a very firm smoke. Bracing.

Ash is a bit messy, but holds; I've my schmatta at the ready in my lap. Burn-line is -thick. Softening of the packing has ceased. Well into the opening act, peppers mount a tick and catch the throat some, but in a nice way. A polite threat is far more threatening than an irate one, no?

Crisp delineation of hard notes. It's like a room full of John Waynes discussing feels via lateral conversations. Not as awkward as you'd imagine. Burn is struggling to find even, and while self-correcting, is slow to do so. Profile is medium+ and kindly in a calloused handshake sorta manner. Ash clumps at an inch and is a powdery pastiness. Cocoa beans nudge a nose ahead of the coffee beans on a head-bob. Leather backing comes closer to the top, but not so much as to negate its dimension.

Strength ups a tick here and did I mention it's 9:30am? A common approach is to save the nic for evening offerings, but it's a far from universal approach and I have a very busy rest of day, gentlepersons. I will be playing Jew Santa to my goy step-childrens.

I re-touch the burn. A savory note adheres to the almond paste mouth. Lip-smacking! It's meaty in a bone marrow sense -- another hard note. Ash pales and starts a sheathing attempt. Smoke out-put is half a tick more and fully white. Draw remains a solid medium and construction is unchanged, too. Retro-hale is fantastic and has 'smoothed' some off a not subduing but more finely ground peppery mix of white and black pepper. The peppers have picked up their own backing of a savory yet subtle chili spice.

At the half, the flavors are as mentioned prior and are settling in wonderfully. The delineation of all notes, all hard, is resting on a breaking in leather. Its oils dripping into the mouth-feel and the moisture level is fantastic, as that balances the chili perfectly. The transition seems more of an affirmation. Did you expect John Wayne to turn over a new leaf? This is not "The Conqueror," gentlepersons. This is "The Quiet Man."

Ash clumps at an inch and we shall see as to the sheath. For now, it's only a hint and the results in my tray are quite similar to before. Coming out of the affirmation period, the cocoa beans are ground to a talc powder and sweeten the almond paste. Hickory notes seek the coffee beans. Supple quality of the leather backing enhances. It's all so beautiful, but I'd never tell it that. I cough, instead and smile.

More smoke. It's a rough fella helping an old lady do whatever old ladies do. He reminds her of her husband. A bit of ash flakes off. Strength pushes its boundaries. Body tickles full at the grinding of the cocoa beans and ever leathering leather. Flavors are medium+ at their bracing hardness. Construction is a thing of beauty, again -- I would not say that to its stubbly face. Burn fights and wins a continuous battle.

The peppers subdue, chili falls away as does bone marrow, but in their wake they highlight a very full and deep tobacco. Coffee grinds now and their essence pours out but not in a way which influences other notes. Caramel adheres to and sweetens the tobacco. Hickory plugs along, as do almond notes -- close to the coffee, but not inside of it. The ash is a crackling sheath of pale grey with darker mottles, it flakes a bit in the air. Leather is a flippin' divine backing. A sweet wheat bread comes in as the band nears. Construction softens a tick and the burn smolders warmly.

I cannot think of a better start of day. I duck inside to wake up my goy 15 year-old to go Christmas shopping. When did his voice get so deep?
Constructions bends but does not break throughout. This does not a calming smoke make. I felt as if I were rooting it on, as much as enjoying it. All told, I totally enjoyed it, however. I'm quite confused. Here's my credit card.

All notes were hard, and/or eminating from hard notes -- I said that already, though. Bears repeating as a very interesting thing.

A stiff something. Minimum of three fingers. In a dirty glass.


Bring on the sails! Hoist the sales!

Mellow: Who ya callin' mellow, pilgrim?
Coarse: Lovingly gruff
Sweet: Masculinely so
Spicy: Warm and hard
Savory: A bissel
Strength: Zetz
Draw: Great
Burn: Adventurous
Construction: Fights and wins
Primary note: Almond paste