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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Casa Miranda Chapter II - Cigar Review

The shoes came in a size twelve. The display displayed the left one and was tilted perfectly to showcase the wingtip brogue work. The chukka design said "I'm a boot, I can labor, but I'd rather not." The shine on their black surface was shy of military but just there enough to catch on that the shoe only rakishly hinted at laboring. I reached for the box.

GAYLORD read the sterile font on the sticker above the bar code. I flung my pink boa over my shoulder and sashayed off, knowing I would never condone such judgemental footwear. Later that evening, I relaxed to Golden Girls re-runs on TV. Thank G-d for the Logo Channel in these crazy times when Hallmark Channel goes Christmas nuckin' futs.

My wife looks up from her phone from the couch and tells me "You're even gayer than I am!" I have no idea how a fella would or should take that, so back on goes my pink boa and onto the porch I go to enjoy --
Miami Cigar Company
Casa Miranda Chapter II
Ecuadorian Habano wrapper
Nicaraguan Habano binder
Nicaraguan fillers
Toro 6 x 52
An even complected cocoa hued offering with very tight invisible seams. Veins both near zaftik as well as of spider web variety are at play, although none are a foreseeable threat to redirect the burn. Foot tobacco is a cocoa colored affair with a goodly amount of dirty blonde highlights. The density at the foot seems about a -medium. The band in nice, it reminds me of an accent armchair my mom scored while antiquing in Koontz Lake, In. It made a wonderful coat hanger and scratching post. It was near garishly decorative but ultimately utilitarian. Hmmm...

Hand-feel is a nice touch of light oils and mainly smooth. 52 RG, feh! It's a bit of a silly fit in my fingers. Squeeze is barely a medium on ye oldde scale o' resistance with a couple of softer spots at the mid mark. Schnoz-wise, there a bunch going on at the shaft. I get a damp but drying in the sun barnyard, and a sweet manure. Nice. At the foot, there are added sweet spices and cocoa. A cold draw is a light+ resistance and gives me dusty flavors of earth with a touch of hot cocoa mix powder and a light, light white pepper.

Yo, I be sparkin', dawg. Toasting the foot lets loose and aroma of hardwood and mildly sweet spices. First hot pull is crisp earth and a bit of light to medium roasted coffee beans. Second hot pull is retro-haled to mimic the first with and addition of greater white and a sprinkle of black pepper. A slightly cocoa/cream flavor/feel sets in on the finish but not as much as the peppery zing does on my tongue. A third pull is primarily earth, with a heightening white and slightly less heightening black, pepper.

The finish is a solid medium length that is as much mouth-feel as flavor. You got the zing; you also got something like a pleasantly light brewed coffee drink with cream and sweet spice on top. There is an occasional near definitive cocoa mix ebbing and flowing from draw all the way to finish.

Burn is off to a good start, even with a thin burn-line. Ash is a nice pale grey and while not a sheath, not at all flaky. Foot-smoke is a metric ton. All around, this thing is a smoker, gentlepersons. Room-note is a nice toasted tobacco with sweet notes of hay and cocoa.

Profile is a medium+ on account of aforementionednesses. Flavors are there, too. Strength is -medium. We shall call it a medium profile. There, I showed my math.
The ash lilts to a side and I position my schmatta/hankie on my lap. A retro-hale now offers as much sweetness as spice. So far, though, reviewing this Casa Miranda is somewhat of a night off. Flavor-wise, as well as construction -- no loosening, perhaps the draw has tightened half a tick, was always acceptable though. There is something of a juggling of spices, or perhaps a new one coming in, ... , you ever drink dandelion tea? I cannot recommend you do. However, this new taste tastes what the tea bags smell like. And it's drying my palate a good bit. This makes for a clingier pepper and a further zing.

I roll the ash off at an inch and it's a near perfect pale grey with balanced oils and powder. Great even density, although a bit loose-side packed. Coulda held more, but I ain't a showboat. I ain't that kinda showboat.

Primary flavors continue to be earth with an increasing sweet creaminess, and now medium roasted coffee sweetened by that earthiness. Behind this is a white pepper on my palate and black pepper on my tongue. There is intermittent cocoa, and only occasionally does that dandelion tea bag come into play. The black pepper does seem to be muting, but there is still a zing. Finish is medium+ in length and is of a simple but nice creamy coffee with some cocoa on a earthy backing. Creamy, however, does not mean smooth, as the zing remains.

At the very end of the opening act, there seems to be another pepper, of the chili variety coming in -- but just as soon, it fades.

Burn ribbons on occasion but has yet to make me wonder at a retouch. burn-line is thin+. Packing holds in place. This offering continues to pour out smoke, and said smoke continues to be kind with perhaps just a tad of a sharp note to it now.

The cocoa mix is now more of a white chocolate. It's not quite a primary note alongside the continuing earthiness and coffee drink with light/medium roasted joe, whipped cream, and now fewer sweet spices atop. Dandelions are kaput. Chili is kaput. Black pepper is struggling. White pepper is holding and acquiring a roasted vibe. It's all very espresso drink made with -medium roasted coffee.

Mouth-feel is a tingle not a zing, on account of the subduing black pepper. I'd still probably have a sip with it if I wasn't reviewing. Ash is rolled off again at the same length and consistency. Construction notes ditto the last ones. Profile is the same at a medium. Not much to report.

Wanna see me dance?

Ha! Wasn't that great? No classes, self taught!


How ya doin'?

Hey! At the midway marker, black pepper reemerges and stays some of an inch and leaves a lemon zest behind, which it probably hid while returning. As we coast into the final act, all notes to both flavor and construction hold. Well, to nitpick, the ash is a bit more powdery and misses the inch mark.

Everything mutes here in muches of bunches. Some go away. Zing goes back to tingle and then leaves. Mouth-feel is still crisp but kindlier. Coffee stays primary with earthiness, but earthiness is a good tick stronger. Secondary notes are limited to a white pepper I recommend upping via retro-hale, vague white chocolate stays. as does an intermittent lemon zest. Finish shortens two ticks and is now a simple extension of the draw.
I get it, I do believe. The Ecuadorian wrapper was there to mute the Nicaragua some, and allow for its more subtle nuances to come forth. Problem is, ya can't make nuances where nuances ain't. What remains is essentially a watered down frou-frou espresso thing. That said, very nice construction and would make a good everyday offering, for those with deep enough pockets. Recall, please, what I said of Momma's chair.

Lemonade, herbal tea, a sweet white wine, Doris Day singing Que Sera Sera. A good have-some-company-over smoker.


About an hour later.
I fell asleep to the Logo Channel and all night long had dreams of The Facts of Life injected into my cranium via 3am re-runs. There was some truly odd stuff going on there, no? 

I haven't given my pals over at Cigars City a shout out in a bit. Check 'em out, their selection is expanding daily, and their customer service is lovely.