Friday, July 21, 2017

18 Sabbaths Cattle Baron Bull Cigar Review: 12th Sabbath

Cattle Baron Cigars
Bull 4 1/2 x 58
WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habano
BINDER: Dominican
FILLER:Dominican Seco, Nicaraguan Viso
STRENGTH: Medium-Full

ORIGIN: De Los Reyes, Dominian Republic
NAME DROPS: Phil Zanghi, Debonaire House

HERE is a write-up of the Cattle Baron blend in its Trail Boss vitola.
HERE is me talking about the Cattle Baron blend in its Stockyard vitola.

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& now without any further ado, adon't or amaybe -- lettuce look at this week's Cattle Baron, gentlepersons:
At the time of yer reading this, I'd have watched my Royals take on the White Sox on Facebook Live. The future is now and I ain't worn nothing but sweatpants for weeks.

I recall the first time an image was sent to me via phone. I had just dropped my daughter at her mom's. The image was of the kid, sent by Mom. She was smiling there in my phone, she has my smile, magically sent to me as I drove down a Maryland road. A few moments later, I received a second image, same sender -- of Mom's boobs. I made a quick U-turn. I'm fairly certain I was wearing jeans.

I too recall sitting next to my dad on a Marine Park bench, listening to our Mets lose on a transistor radio. I'm fairly certain Dad was wearing sweats. Rumor has it he was wearing jeans when he walked into the Brighton Beach Brooklyn Public Library Branch and asked my mom where the newspapers were, and what time she was getting off.

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