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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cigar News Weekly Report: Villiger, Room 101, Caldwell, Gran Habano


Brazil is no stranger to Villiger Cigars, although an excellent premium smoke remains a stranger to Villiger. But that's just my opinion and this is news. Hard-hitting news. [BOOM.] Of the cigar industry. Nevertheless, Villiger has been importing Brazilian leaf since Wild West days; then in the groovy 70s, that paved the way for a Brazilian subsidiary & factory called Charutos Tobajara Limitada. Fast-forward to the now, the co. is opening a larger place to roll their wares, Villiger do Brazil. The latter replacing the former. An in with the old, out with the new sorta thing. The aforementioned subsidiary now has hung on it the nom de tobacco of Villiger do Brasil Limitada. All is still occurring in the city of Feira de Santana, state of Bahia.

At the time of my poaching this story the Brazil locale produces, as ever, only Brazilian puros: San’Doro Maduro, Corrida, & Celebration. The last two of which are Euro exclusives.


Matt Booth retired. Then, six months later, unretired. But his second wind has until now been collabs under other brands. Enter Farce, Room 101's re-intro. Rm101 is Booth's brand, in case ya didn't know. Now you know. And it is fully launched. There were some pre-launch fussings in the form of plain bundle Toro offerings of the blend in 'Zona then some greater circulation BUT NOW WE ARE FULL FUCKING THROTTLE, MOTHERFUCKER. To the tune of Robusto, Gordo, Lonsdale, & event especial Petite Corona. I believe the packaging is fancy now. I'm not either entirely sure nor a big news source.

The blend lays an Indonesian binder twixt Dominican, Nicaraguan, Pennsylvanian guts & Ecuadorian top-leaf. There is also a sliver of a secret in the filler. I for one hope it's bacon. They'll be rolled in the DR @ Tabacalera William Ventura. Robert Caldwell’s Down & Back LLC will be distributing.


Rejoice! For the Sleeping Beauty is already on the market. It's the very-latest iteration of (the) The King Is Dead blend. & get this: Perfecto! My fave. The Dominican Puro comes in 24ct. boxes and I fucking want one.


Gran Habano has announced that their Gran Robusto formats of the Connecticut #1, Habano #3, Corojo #5 and Corojo #5 Maduro blends will be available in clear tubos & 10ct. boxes. They are currently available for special orders but not arriving in retail humis till the IPCPR Trade-show in July.

Both Caldwell Cigars & Gran Habano are sponsors of K/M. [BOOM.]

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