Saturday, May 27, 2017

George Groves Strikes Boxing Gold in Fourth Attempt

On the under-card of the Mr. Errol Spence coming-out party, Mr. George Groves (26-3, 19 KO) at long finally last festooned his waist with the WBA World Super Middleweight strap. It took four attempts and over-coming his own slow start here, but the Brit was able to cause Russian champ Mr. Fedor Chudinov (14-2, 10 KO) to relent -- or at the very least have the referee relent on his behalf.

West Londoner Groves, opened on his back-foot whilst Chudinov threw punches in bunches and bunches of punches -- seemingly overwhelmingly so. The Russian marched forward and Groves seemed on the verge of being wiped up, if not whipped up-on. Finally in the fourth, Groves began to employ his own combos, as Chudinov's pace slowed-some. Success bred aggression, and with the clock ticking in attempt four, Groves upped his out-put again in the sixth off rocking Chudinov with a sharp flurry. The punches landed cleanly, then begun the blitz a' unanswered hooks which caused the stoppage.

Post-fight and in-ring, Groves offered the candid tid-bit that yet another failed grasp at gold may well have had him hanging 'em up. Instead, we are now beset with the potentiality of familiar foes he and Mr. James DeGale, the IBF champ, squaring off down the none too distant road.

Errol Spence Makes Kell Brook Quit in 11th

Before 30,000 plus fans at Brahmall Lane in Sheffield, England; Mr. Kell Brook (36-2, 25 KO) proved to be just the step-up in class which many thunk he'd be. Yet Mr. Errol Spence, Jr. (22-0, 19 KO) proved to be the phenom many thunk he'd be -- although I openly doubted as such and am eating my hat as I type. It's quite dry really, but filling. Like my humor.

The end came at 1:47 of the 11th round after Brook, whom ne'er before lost at 147, barely survived a knock-down in the prior stanza's opening, then finished the round well via gutsy and mainly still potent uppercuts. A couple stanza's prior, Brook's eyes begin to swell; both the titanium and meat enforced 'uns. Up till the 7th it was a great outing by the Brit, who seemed to be handling well, Spence's impersonation of Mr. Shawn Porter. Brook fought in effective spurts, till them spurts came fewer and far-er twixt and then the tide doth did turn and the momentum in turn swung. Throoughout, it was a joy to see two rapid-firing lites with rather high sweet science Intelligence Quotients.

The wily and mighty southpaw Spence went from needing a knock-out to secure his bid to be new IBF Welterweight crown-bearer -- to needing not be KO'd to return home with gold-mounted-to-leather. To take nada from Jr., I do feel he should give Mr. Gennady Golovkin at the very least a warm phone-call, post haste. Brook having moved up two weight classes to take the September GGG fight no-one wanted, and suffering a busted peeper, seems to have all but ended this talented and brave pugilist.

Via The Gaurdian, Spence spoketh in-ring: “He’s a tricky fighter. He’s awkward. He’s very strong and he can punch. I proved today I have a chin and I have true grit." Proved, he did. Further proof? Golovkin eats souls gentlepersons. Drats and congrats to the newly minted champ -- long may he reign. Please pass the kosher salt.