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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Kaplowitz Media: Odds & Ends at the Ides

"Why not Kaplowitz?"
Sweetmorn Confusion 50th, YOLD 3184

Kaplowitz Media IPCPR plans canceled
La Barba Cigars sponsoring July & K/M FB Group


I bring you this light load of Odds & Ends w/ quite the heavy heart. Due to circumstances beyond my/our control, Stick Men were not able to attend IPCPR 2018. I can speak for my SM partner, Tony Crac(k), in again extending our apologies to Dion Giolito & Illusione for our canceling, as well as our thankfulness for the opportunity. Fuck, it was an invite made to me, and I'm the one who screwed the pooch. Mia Culpa.

On a much brighter note, 'cause ain't they all, I love working with brands I admire. When some La Barba were laid on me not too long ago, I was impressed as a hillbilly in a cee-ment pond. I look forward to smoking the brand, and maybe even working with it in the future. Gee, it'd be great to cancel last minute on Tony Bellato. #lifegoals

I'm gonna keep it short because I'm writing this not long at all after bowing out from my IPCPR obligations and really can't even.

Till the Ides next,


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