Friday, March 16, 2018

Stick Men: Episode Eleven

Fridays are for Stick Men. Sorry.
  • Blackface casino robber
  • Manscaping dos&don'ts (& anal bleaching)
  • Internet porn vs real life
  • Illusione OneOff (cigar news)
  • Dear Abby fix-up
  • Vape tricks w/ cigars #cigarsnow

We also smoke and review a Perla del Mar Maduro & Gispert Intenso.
+ MORE (I think). Thanks for the attention, Gentlepersons. Please soitenly like & subscribe.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Odds & Ends at the Ides: March 2018 + Bonus Content

It's been a bit since a monthly Odds & Ends at the Ides state of the blog address. March is the most perfect of months in which to hop back on the bandwagon. So here goes...
  • Kaplowitz Media on Facebook, new url
  • The NEW Kaplowitz Media Group
  • Stick Men moves to a video podcast format
  • Welcome new sponsor Havana59 Cigar Distributors
  • Welcome new sponsor Gran Habano
  • Stick Men team with Nomad Cigars for cigar contest
Thems the bullet-points, lettuce delve...

My Fellow Gentlepersons,

Kaplowitz Media, now home to my cigar modeling career and a growing amount of LIVE broadcasts, has a new url. If you have not yet followed, please do-so now at & REMEMBER: from yer lap/desktop, hover over "following" next to the like button and click on "see first." Otherwise, ya won't see much of anything.

Staying with Facebook news as pertains to moi, I just recently started the Kaplowitz Media Group. Only a week in, sees us at over 1.4K Gentlepersons strong. One rule of group engagement: Try not to be a dick. Many mulligans are available in the event you find yourself being, in fact, a dick.

Now for YouTube: the new home of Stick Men, that. Make sure to subscribe to my channel HERE. Each weekly (Friday) vodcast (video podcast) will be split into two roughly 30-minute halves. These will be labeled as .1 & .2 as well as linked to one-another in their YT comments. Please also like and comment. We're tapping a new platform and an immense one, so we very-much need YOUR help getting seen.
Cigar swag, to whom ain't that ear candy? One Mr. Fred Rewey of one Nomad Cigar Company has been nice 'nuff to allow Stick Men their/our own super secret contest. Just sign up HERE. with hundreds of entries already and still 16 days left to be in it to win it -- it really isn't a well-kept secret... whoopsie. A nomad hat, t-shirt, stickers, pair of cigar rests, and Xikar 5-ct. travel humi are up for grabs. GRAB 'EM. Carpe swagum!!!

Till the ides next,

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