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Villiger Cigars La Vencedora | Cigar Review Redux by Kaplowitz

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Villiger Cigars
La Vencedora
WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan

FORMAT: Churchill (750)
ORIGIN: Joya de Nicaragua factory, Esteli, Nicaragua



Performance issues. Ash shows hard clumps of leaf. Burn-line is uneven and many retouches are mandated. Blistering and bulging occur at the char. Seams loosen but at least don't fly open. The bad news? That's just the 1/3. The good news? It almost miraculously evens-out come midpoint.

This evening-out should not be confused with perfection -- it merely becomes smokeable. Burns at a lit fuse pace till a slowing down in the 3/3. Draws well tho damp, particularly post the nigh catastrophic opening act.

There is scorching of draw notes most likely from the myriad of retouches. There too is an artificial medicinal orange quality, particularly on the finish. Flavors are a tangy& dark mottling of coffee and chocolate. Some grains. Molasses. Black walnut. Barnyard.

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