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To complement the Kaplowitz Radio Monday lifestyle segment;.

Each & every Wednesday K/M will depart from its typical cigarcentricities to bring you a (non-cigar) lifestyle column. Perhaps you can enjoy it while smoking something good, Gentlepersons. Tho that ain't mandated. Smoke something bad if ya like. See if I care.

Topics will mainly focus on fashion/style (with emphasis on style "Fashion fades, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent) & food; each w/in a DIY/Post Early American Poverty context. No focus or fucks will be given to shamefully expensive watches or pens. Nor ridiculously gluttonous meals or trendy recipe ingredients. Sorry, not sorry.

Below is an index.
Each title is a link.



Casual Athletic Apparel (Sweats) Color Palette
Dickies Carpenter Denim Jeans & Work Clothes
Men's (Blue) (Levi's) Jeans
Men's Underwear w/ Thermal Bonus Content
Metal 2-Drawer File Cabinet (Beige)


The #Bacon Butty - Lifestyle (Food)
Pancakes & Syrup (Recipe) - [#foodie]

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