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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Kaplowitz Media Weekly Recapitulation Volume LXXXVI

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?

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117. Kaplowitz Radio Monday
88. Kaplowitz Radio (Rebroadcast)


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My name is Kaplowitz but please, call me Kap.

I was born on an unseasonably warm day in a Brooklyn February. I was once a chef and another time a professional wrestler. I am a published writer, both on-line and on-paper, of genres ranging from Pulp to Pome. I've also sold a used car or two.

I've smoked cigars for much of my adult life and have turned to the leaf in times of up & in times of down. I dress in greyscale save but an occasional pair of jeans & I enjoy eating bread.


K/M was established in 2015 as cheap therapy and became in short order a cigar blog. You coulda knocked me over with a feather but that'd be cheating because I have a terrible sense of balance.

Some time since Kaplowitz Media has become a trusted source within cigar circles, & w/ a growing cult following to boot. K/M is steak. K/M is sizzle. Yet strangely, K/M is raw. DIY, LowFi, admittingly #leastmode -- & yet again -- & strangely too, quite beautiful and technically sound.

As a 'media outlet,' K/M offers a unique brand of infotainment by way of written, audio, and video forms. Cigar reviews, news, views, and occasional interviews.

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